Saving Money at University

Be aware of how you spend your money and find ways to save. Below are students’ best tips for managing everyday expenses as well as some ideas on how to earn extra income or find things that are free.

Computers and Printing

  1. Be careful not to exceed your internet download limit or you could face huge fees. It’s really easy to do, especially if you download a lot of videos. 

  2. Protect your computer from viruses by downloading free anti-virus software from a reputable source. Remember to keep it updated for the best protection.

  3. Printing in the library adds up – think before you print and consider printing on both sides of the page to save paper costs.

  4. Buy generic brands of ink. They will be significantly cheaper than branded cartridges. Remember to make sure they are compatible with your printer.

  5. Unused printouts make great note paper – just don’t mix it up with your current documents!

  6. Save your notes on a USB rather than printing everything. Only print when you really need to. Try not to print your assignments when editing them. You will save on the cost of ink and paper.

  7. Put your name and number on your USB. It’s horrible to lose all that hard work and buying a new one can be expensive.

Earn some income or save money

  • Find out if you’re eligible for a Travel Concession. If you’re confused, Student Central can help.

  • Student concessions can equal great savings. Be sure to present your student ID card at movies, museums and art galleries to get a discount.

  • Complete some surveys or sign up for focus groups. If you want a break from your studies, search for online surveys which pay you or provide gift cards to shops you frequent. (Search internet for Australian paid surveys or focus group sites)

  • Are you good at writing and have a good story to tell? Sometimes the Student Newspaper may award prize money or give a textbook voucher for writing and original artwork.

  • Hold a garage sale to get rid of old or unwanted items, or sell them on eBay.

  • Make a voluntary payment on your HECS-HELP to get a little bit of a discount.

  • Serious about saving money? Open a highinterest savings account and deposit money regularly. If you regularly put away even one dollar, you will be surprised at how quickly it adds up.

Uni Freebies - Students' Favourites

  • Need help doing your tax return? The Student Welfare Service offers assistance with tax advice to eligible students earning less than $50,000 per year. Tax help sessions are available from July to October each year.

  • Be a better job candidate when you graduate by getting involved with Western Careers. With free workshops, Career Consultants and exclusive job listings, many students have improved their skills through the service. You can visit their offices on Parramatta or Penrith (Kingswood) campuses, or follow them on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

  • Attend O-Week for information about what Western Sydney U offers and pick up some great freebies too. O-Week runs during week one of each session. It is not just for new students.

  • Take the family to the University’s Open Day. The kids will love the interactive displays, and at the same time they will experience the uni environment that you are involved in.

  • Go to events, exhibitions and observatory open nights held by the uni. They are a great opportunity to see what is happening around the University and to go out somewhere different with friends.

  • Do the Sculpture Walk past twelve different works of art in the historic grounds of the Parramatta campus (South) or visit one of the public art galleries on our campuses - they are like hidden treasures!

Western Sydney U Tips

Student Discounts 

There are a range of discounts available to Western Sydney U students. Find out what’s available on the discounts page.


The University has a range of events you can attend throughout the year. To keep up to date on events, check the events calendar regularly

Getting to Campus

Comprehensive information about travelling to Western Sydney U campuses is available on the getting to uni website.


  • Travel green! Try riding a bike to campus in order to save money. Check in advance that your route will be safe and be sure to wear a helmet.

  • Staying at uni between classes can cut the cost of petrol and traveling time, and give you more study time.

  • Driving with low tyre pressure increases fuel usage and tyre wear. A little attention can save a lot of money and stress.
  • Save money - catch public transport.

  • Shop around for cheap fuel. Some independent petrol stations offer cheaper prices and supermarket chains often have voucher discounts. Put the voucher in your car so it is handy when you fill up.

  • Carpooling saves money and is a great way to meet other students living near you. The University has partnered with local government to support Western Sydney Carpool, a service that matches people with similar journeys.

  • How much do you need your own car? If you can share with your partner or parents, do it! If you have a car, keep it in good condition by regularly checking your water, oil and tyre pressure.

  • If you drive, buy a yearly parking permit. The permit is good value and costs less than a parking fine! If you don’t have a parking permit, try parking in a quiet street off campus.

  • Free shuttle buses operate on most Western Sydney U campuses, making it easy to get to stations and around campus.