Learn to love the Library

Top 10 Tips

1. Learn to love the Library! Do a library tour to help with navigating the library and find out how to search for books, journals and other useful resources. Also check out the library website and the relevant library resources for your discipline, such as the main journals, books and databases for your area.

2. Ask about the Liaison Librarian for your program. They will have specific knowledge about your program, and can show you the free online eResources tool that can help you locate books on your reading list.

3. Library fines build up really fast – have a system for remembering when your library books are due. Use your mobile phone alert function. Overdue books and outstanding fines can stop you from progressing or even graduating.

4. Borrow DVDs from the library, borrow a novel or a bestselling eBook – there’s more to the University libraries than academic books!

5. Don’t spend a cent on journal subscriptions. The library has access to scholarly journals from all over the world and, as a Western Sydney U student, you can use them whenever you want. Ask a librarian to show you how it works.

Western Sydney U Tip

Textbook vouchers are available for students with financial problems. Applications are open very early each teaching session. Get an application form online from the Student Welfare Service.

6. Always ask your lecturer about the edition of the text they are recommending. Older editions can usually be purchased for a cheaper price and the content differences may be quite insignificant.

7. When buying textbooks, have a look at your reading list. You don’t have to buy every book on your list. Photocopy the pages you need from reference books. You can also use the library’s reserve room resources.

8. Buy second-hand books from other students or sell yours to make some money.

9. Public libraries may run educational children’s programs for free. Have a look at your local council website to see what’s available.

10. Catch up on some sleep. A short nap in the Library’s sleep pods can do wonders for your concentration but just remember that you do have to go home at some point in time.

The Western Sydney U Library website is really useful! Get to know your way around the services, guides and resources to help you with everything from referencing to finding a space for your group work meeting.