Foundations of Environmental Sustainability Microcredential

Foundations of Environmental
Sustainability Microcredential

As we look towards the future, we must address the very real environmental concerns that threaten to slow down our progression. These limitations offer opportunities for us to adapt, resolve and ignite a greater understanding of how we can work with our natural world. Developed in collaboration with BWD Strategic, a prominent Australian B-Corp and sustainability consultancy, this program focuses on real-world applications and aims to address the skills shortage in environmental sustainability. 

Applications now closed.

300 hours of study (14 weeks)

4 March

30 June

Admission Requirements

To be eligible for admission into the Foundations of Environmental Sustainability you must be 17 years of age or over; or have completed year 12 or equivalent studies. 

The first intake is open to domestic enrolments only, and is not currently open to international students. 

Program structure

  • Module 1: The Biodiversity of Life
  • Module 2: Exploration of Viruses and Microscopic Life 
  • Module 3: Exploration of Multicellular Life 
  • Module 4: Energy Flow and Symbiotic Relationships
  • Module 5: The Origins and Evolution of Life
  • Module 6: Tree of Life
  • Module 7: Biodiversity in Crisis 
  • Module 8: Urban Environments, Issues, and Human Health
  • Module 9: Energy Use and Climate Change
  • Module 10: Sustainable Energy
  • Module 11: Environmental Monitoring
  • Module 12: Environmental Solutions 

Credit pathways

This Microcredential is well suited for those passionate about the environment, looking to transition into a career focused on environmental sustainability or professionals looking to deepen their understanding of environmental sustainability in application to their current work. Additionally, students seeking a pathway into Bachelor of Science programs should consider applying. 

Fees and delivery


This program is free due to in-demand skills and industry needs, backed by government grants. 


This program is delivered online through the OpenLearning platform.

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