Academic literacy and grammar workshops


Western Sydney University runs a range of free preparation programs to help all new and continuing students. These programs help you to get ready for uni and are offered at different times throughout the year.

  • We have workshops to help you with your Academic Literacy skills such as writing and referencing
  • We have Academic Literacy workshops specifically designed for International students.
  • We have workshops that focus on improving grammar
  • Did you know that Academic Literacy workshops are free?
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What are Academic Literacy workshops?

Academic Literacy workshops provide an opportunity for you to find out what is expected at university and for you to develop your academic skills in preparation for studying for your degree.

The grammar workshops help you to improve the accuracy of your sentences. Good writing starts with being able to write good sentences.

You can choose from two-hour, four-hour, two-day, four-day or online workshops that run before and during session.

The workshops are great for all students. They may be especially helpful if you're wondering about the academic expectations of university, if you've had a break from study and are feeling a bit rusty, or if you haven't studied in Australia before.

Please note: each program has a limited number of places available. If a program doesn't have enough students registered, it may not run. Any student who has already registered in an affected program will be notified of any changes.

To register for workshops, go to the Academic Literacy workshops registration form to apply.

Two-day workshop

If you are looking for a short course to 'brush up' on your writing and referencing skills, then the short two-day Academic Literacy workshop may be right for you. The two-day workshop will focus on:

  • academic style of writing
  • essay writing at university
  • referencing

The workshop allows you to practise these skills in a supportive environment and receive some feedback on your writing skills from a tutor.

Please check the registration page regularly for new dates of workshops.

Four-day workshop

If you would like to spend more time on improving your writing, your essay structure and generally being prepared for university, then you are advised to attend the four-day workshop.

This longer workshop will allow more time to develop your skills and receive feedback on your writing skills from a tutor.

The four-day workshop will focus on:

  • reading lengthy texts
  • notetaking
  • academic style of writing
  • paragraph and essay structure
  • referencing and researching
  • critical analysis
  • assignment preparation
  • tips for surviving uni and more

The four-day workshop is a great way to prepare for university and practise these skills in a supportive environment. It's also a great way to meet other students in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Please check the registration page regularly for new dates of workshops.

Two-day grammar workshops

These workshops will provide lessons on a variety of grammar concepts such as:

  • the use of articles
  • the use of pronouns
  • subject verb agreement
  • clauses and sentences types

The workshops will also provide time for a friendly tutor to give you some feedback on your writing.

Online workshop

The online workshop consists of seven modules:

  • How to write an essay
  • How to read academic texts and make notes
  • How to research and reference sources
  • How to do an oral presentation
  • How to write a report
  • Other assignments — research reports, reflective writing and annotated bibliographies, and
  • What is academic culture

For more information on the online workshop go to our frequently asked questions page, or go to the registration page to apply.

Workshops for International students

In February, we have workshops specifically designed for international students; please check dates when registering. Of course, international students are welcome to attend any of the academic literacy and grammar workshops.

How do I apply?

These workshops are only available for enrolled Western Sydney University students. Students attending The College are not eligible to register.

Registrations for selected workshops are open. Go to the Academic Literacy workshops registration form to apply.

If you have any more questions email