What is MATES?

MATES is a mentoring program for new students.

MATES provides first year students with an opportunity to connect with other new students and mentors in later years of study. This helps new students meet other students, network with other students and gain knowledge and skills to settle into life at university.

Where is MATES held?

MATES runs on all Western Sydney University campuses, as well as online. Meeting times are flexible, with a convenient time arranged between the mentor and mentee - or you can just choose to be involved online if you prefer. Mentors will have freebies and treats to use during mentor meetings.

I'm a new student, how do I get involved?

Registrations are now open for Term 2 College students and Spring Session University students.

Step 1: Join the MATES community

As part of the MATES community you will connect with other students via the MATES Facebook group, weekly emails and competitions, online forums and MATES events. You can ask MATES mentors questions and connect with other first year students and share your experiences.

Step 2: Join a Mentor group

Once you are part of the MATES community you can choose to join a mentor group that meets weekly on your campus or you can connect with a mentor online. Mentor groups are led by mentors who are trained student volunteers in later years of study.

Mentor groups give you the opportunity to ask questions, share your experiences with other first year students and learn about Western Sydney University services and campuses in a relaxed informal environment. MATES will provide drink vouchers, freebies and useful information to get the discussion flowing.

If you are unable to travel to campus for face to face meetings you can also connect with your mentor online, and via phone and email.

I'd like to be a mentor, how do I get involved?

Let us know you're interested!

Registrations to become a MATES mentor are now open.  We are currently recruiting mentors  for Autumn Session and Term 1 (The College).

Contact us

For more information about the MATES program please send an email to (from your student email account).