ARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities Project to build National Facility for Physical Fire Simulation

In December 2021, Western Sydney University researchers, Professors Zhong Tao, Sarah Zhang and Bijan Samali, were awarded over $1.2 million in funding after securing a prestigious and highly competitive ARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment, and Facilities Grant.

This LIEF proposal aims to establish a ground-breaking national facility for physical fire simulation (NFPFS) that will extend and upgrade existing research capacity in Australia to become world-leading. The facility will open new research possibilities and collaborations on the fire resistance of structures and infrastructure, from individual components (e.g. columns, beams) to structural assemblies (e.g. joints, frames). The NFPFS will unite researchers in their endeavours to conduct high-quality research in fire-related disciplines from all Australian mainland states; enhance collaboration with industries and government agencies; and provide research, training and education for this critically important area to the country.