Professor Georgius Abidal Adam

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Professor Adam has been an adjunct member of the Centre since 2016. Before joining Western Sydney University, Professor Adam held an honour adjunct professor at UTS (2008-2015) and UNSW (2015-2019). He has been a scientist researcher /Technology manager at Parchem for the construction Co/Dulux group since 2008. Georgius has 83 patented inventions, 65 granted patents (28 US-granted patents,37 IQ patents) and 26 filed and published patent pending inventions: ( He received the platinum Inventor Medal from Intellectual Venture USA. In addition, he is the author or co-author of seven textbooks and over 370 scholarly publications on various topics in polymer chemistry, polymer technology, corrosion, chemical industries, Geopolymer concrete, Green concrete and waste recycling.

He has also focused on polymer additives in concrete technology, grouts and cementitious materials with particular emphasis on developing new, green and sustainable concrete with superior properties at Parchem for construction co, such as Renderoc -G, EP 65 plus, Renderoc LA 55 plus, STO6, surfacing materials and others currently in the market. He has also been involved with several major projects as a specialist consultant in Australia / overseas and established more than 40 industrial projects based on his patents ( In addition, he has successfully supervised 75 higher-degree research candidates at both PhD and Master’s levels, eight graduates at Australian universities. He received his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Polymer Chemistry and Technology /from Birmingham University/UK in 1975.

Areas of Research / Teaching Expertise

He has been engaged in developing building materials with enhanced properties: acid-resistant concrete, coating resins, concrete additive for waterproofing, defoamer, emulsifiers and others.

Developing Ultra high-strength grouts and hybrid grouts.

Synthesis & Evaluation of new composite materials and IPNs for various applications.

Synthesis & Evaluation of new active ingredient-supported polymers.

Controlled release drug applications.

Controlled release fertilisers, aseptic ingredients, pesticides, fungicides...

Synthesis and Evaluation of new biodegradable polymers for medical Applications.

Synthesis and Evaluation of new hydrogel systems for various Applications: super absorbents, artificial rain nucleating agents, structural water stop systems, agricultural applications, and medical applications.

Synthesis & Evaluation of refractories, ablative thermal insulators, and fire resistance. He established a production plant capacity of 2000 tons/year overseas based on one of the PhD projects.

Material science: smoke suppressant additives, UV and thermos stabilisers, plasticisers, hardeners, and polymers in concrete applications.

Concrete technology, including geopolymer, green concrete, polymer hybrid concrete.

Selected Publications - 10 Highest cited by Google Scholar

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