Disclosure During Study

Students need to prepare how they would like to disclose their disability. It is important that the information presented is clear and concise and relevant to their study. Very often it is not essential to disclose in-depth medical or personal information about a disability.

The type of information presented to the appropriate person may include:

  • what the disability is
  • why the student has chosen to disclose their disability
  • how the disability and life experiences may positively impact on study
  • the type of education related adjustments that may be required while studying
  • examples of how education related adjustments have benefited the student in previous educational settings and/or other experiences

All personal information disclosed to the education institution is handled in a confidential manner, unless the student has provided written consent to have information disclosed.

Formal documentation about the student’s disability is often required. Additional information required or discussed may include:

  • specific disability information and possible effects on education
  • study history
  • technology skills
  • support structures within the home and community.