Music applicants

All music applicants will need to apply through UAC or direct.

You may either audition into the degree or submit qualifications for Band 4 HSC Music, or AMEB theory and practical qualifications or TAFE qualifications.

What's it like to audition for the Bachelor of Music?


To audition for the degree, either submit videos of two performances made on a phone or other video recording device saved as MP4 files, OR a composition portfolio of two or more works, in score and recorded formats. Performances may be on more than one instrument or voice, and backing tracks may be used as accompaniment. ​Upload the videos along with a document containing your email address, phone number and photo ID to the following link. Please begin the label for each file with your name. All files will be stored securely.
Submissions will be accepted until 5 February, 2021.

The files will be auditioned and applicants will be advised of the outcome within four weeks after submission.

Apply through UAC or Western and Submit AMEB or TAFE qualifications

(a) Band 4 HSC: Applicants who have a band 4 or higher in the HSC will not be required to audition.

(b) AMEB: If you have demonstrated a level of attainment in 6th grade AMEB musical performance (instrument or voice) or equivalent, and 4th grade AMEB music theory and/or musicianship or equivalent, you will not be required to audition. Instead, when you apply for the degree, you can upload your AMEB qualifications to your application.

(c) TAFE: If you have attained a diploma or advanced diploma in Music from TAFE you will not be required to audition. Instead, when you apply for the degree, you will be asked to upload your TAFE qualifications to your application.

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Got questions?

Contacts for further information:
Associate Professor Sally Macarthur by email
Dr Clare Maclean by email