What to bring with you


Sydney is a large cosmopolitan city in which you can buy everything you need. However, you are advised to bring some items with you to Australia because many items may be more expensive here than in your home country.

  • Some students choose to bring larger electrical appliances such as rice cookers. These items are widely available in Australia but may be more expensive than your home country. Note: Australia uses 240 volt AC 50 hertz electricity and three-pin plugs to access power points.
  • Accommodation does not include linen or blankets. A sleeping bag may be useful the first few nights until you have a chance to purchase items.
  • Australia has strict customs laws. It is illegal to bring many items, such as food of any description, including herbal medicines, into Australia.
  • As it can often take some time for money to be transferred from your home country to Australia, bring enough money to cover your expenses for the first few weeks. Foreign currency can be exchanged for Australian dollars at Sydney Airport. If you arrive on a weekend (Saturday/Sunday) and do not change some currency at the airport, you may not be able to change it until the next working day. If you want to use cash, you may only use Australian currency.
  • Bring some lightweight items from home to make your new place feel like home - like a decorative cushion cover or photo in your favourite photo frame.