Emeritus Professor Jann Conroy

Jann ConroyProfessor Emeritus Jann Conroy continues to make a valuable contribution to the Institute. Her research has focused on understanding how climate change will influence the trade-off between growth and water use of fast- and slow- growing eucalypts.

The novel feature of this research is that the trees are exposed to CO2 concentrations of 280ppm (pre-industrial level), 400ppm (current) and 700ppm (predicted for the future) in combination with higher temperatures and periodic drought. The research was conducted in the facilities of the Hawkesbury Forest Experiment (controlled-environment glasshouses and CO2-enrichment field site).

Areas of Research / Teaching Expertise

Tree Nutrition and Physiology; Global Change Biology; Ecological Physiology; Plant Physiology; Ecosystem Adaptation to Climate Change; Ecosystem Adaptation in Australia; Ecosystem Adaptation in the World; Forest and Woodland Flora, Fauna and Biodiversity

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Grants / Projects

Development of a laser microdissection microscopy approach for identification of plant cell-inhabiting fungi
Co-Researchers: Associate Professor Ian Anderson, Professor John Cairney, Professor David Tissue
Partner/Funding Body: University of Western Sydney Research Infrastructure Funds Scheme
Period: 2009

Beyond an Inconvenient Truth: coping with changes in atmospheric CO2 and climate change
Co-Researchers: Professor David Tissue
Partner/Funding Body: University of Western Sydney International Research Initiatives Scheme
Period: 2008-2009

Eucalypt growth in past and future environments: a novel approach to understanding the impacts of atmospheric CO2 and climate
Co-Researchers: Professor David Tissue, Associate Professor Nathan Phillips, Associate Professor Barry Logan
Partner/Funding Body: Australian Research Council, Discovery Grant
Period: 2008-2010

Global citizenship and the agency of the museum sector in climate change interventions
Partner/Funding Body: Australian Research Council, Linkage International Grant
Period: 2008-2009

Trade Off between carbon sequestration in forests and water yields under rising CO2
Co-Researchers: Professor David Ellsworth, Professor David Tissue
Partner/Funding Body: NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change, Grant Climate Action Grants Program
Period: 2007–2009

Integrated system for analysis of structure and function of tree canopiesCo-Researchers: Associate Professor Robert Spooner-Hart, Dr Kelvin Montagu, Dr Anthony Haigh
Partner/Funding Body: University of Technology, Sydney and University of Western Sydney Research Infrastructure Fund
Period: 2006-2007

The Hawkesbury Forest Experiment: Impacts of Precipitation and CO2 on Trees
Co-Researchers: Professor David Ellsworth, Professor David Tissue, Associate Professor Ross McMurtrie, Professor Derek Eamus, Dr Anthony Haigh, Dr Belinda Medlyn, Professor Sune Linder
Partner/Funding Body: Australian Greenhouse Office
Period: 2005-2008

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Awards and Recognition

Awarded the title of Emeritus Professor of the University of Western Sydney, 2008. Her passion for the University and her faith in recognising 'people' as the University's greatest asset are well known. Her external research income is over $6M. She also continues to champion the Institute's activities with state and federal government, industry, and funding agencies.

Awarded the C.S. Piper Prize for best original research in the field of plant nutrition awarded by the Royal Australian Chemical Institute, 1995.

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Selected Publications

Book Chapter

Ghannoum O, Searson M, Conroy J, (2006) Nutrient and water demands of plants under climate change, in Agroecosystems in a Changing Climate, Advances in Agroecology Series 12, Newton PCD, Edwards G, Carran A, Niklaus P, (Eds), CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL, USA, pp 53–83

Journal Articles

Milham PJ, Wenzel RG, Holford P, Haigh AM, Chaffer K, Hawkins CA, Humphris C, Fabien J, Conroy JP, (2018) 'Equilibrating stable Cd isotopes with acidic soils', Communications in soil science and plant analysis, vol.49, no.20, pp 2497-2506

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