Doctor Paul Milham

Paul MilhamDoctor Paul Milham uses strong research skills in chemistry to investigate key soil processes that underpin interactions between plants, and the environment. His research on soil phosphorus and on the toxic heavy metal cadmium is internationally recognised.  The breadth of his contributions to knowledge is evident in 80 peer reviewed publications with an h-index of 25.  He has also presented at numerous national and international conferences.

Other activities include:

  • Assists four young scientists to publish their research– two current PhD candidates (Zhejiang and Tehran Universities) and two previous PhD candidates (one resident in Queensland and the other in Sri Lanka)
  • Supports academic and professional associations including: Soil Science Australia, The Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI), the Australasian Soil and Plant Analysis Council (ASPAC), and the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA), and its sister organisation in New Zealand.

Awards and Recognition

  • Winner of the CS Piper Prize of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (2008) and the FG Swain Award (UWS) for research on soil cadmium.
  • Fellow of the RACI in recognition of contributions to the field of environmental chemistry.
  • Peer reviews for more than 20 scientific journals.
  • Adjunct associate with several Australian Universities, the most long-standing being WSU.
  • Laboratory proficiency assessor for the National Association of Testing Authorities and for its sister organisation in New Zealand.
  • Past member of the boards of Soil Science Australia and of ASPAC, and of the NSW representative on the National Cadmium Management Committee.

Current projects

Low levels of cadmium in food degrade the health of millions worldwide and may affect more than 10% of Australian children.  Most of this dietary cadmium comes from plant foods and ultimately from the bioavailable fraction of soil cadmium.  To learn how to decouple the link between bioavailable soil cadmium and its uptake by plants, Dr Milham uses partitioning, isotopic and synchrotron approaches.  He is currently studying the effects of chloride ion on the partitioning of bioavailable soil cadmium into solution, potentially leading to a new, selective assay for bioavailable cadmium and to prediction of the interplay of cadmium uptake by plants and climate change.
Plants require adequate phosphorus to grow and respond to increased CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere.  Large tracts of forest currently experience marginal supplies of phosphorus which has implications for the global sequestration of carbon and for future climate.  Doctor Milham probes these processes uses a variety of tools to better understand phosphorus bioavailability and mobility to the aquatic environment where it is a contaminant.

Selected Journal Articles

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