Masoud Mohammadi


Masoud had been an invited visiting scholar from the Semnan University of Iran (from 2017 to 2019), hosted at CIE by Professor Hamid Ronagh. Masoud is the inventor of Structural Seismic Fuses. He received his Bachelor and Master’s degrees from the top ten universities in Iran with GPAs over 82% and 92%, respectively. He is an active member of Iran’s National Elites Foundation (INEF) Organization, a motivated entrepreneur, and known as the most productive researcher/engineer awarded by Semnan University. Masoud is the author and co-author of several high-quality journal and conference papers. He has also been involved with several famous advance manufacturing projects in Australia. In 2019, he awarded a full scholarship by Western Sydney University financially supported by Transport for NSW (TfNSW) to pursue his PhD study. He is currently a PhD Candidate and supervisor of some state projects collaborating with TfNSW at Centre for Infrastructure Engineering, Western Sydney University.

Honours and Awards

  • Awarded to become a member of Iran's National Elites Foundation (INEF), 2019.
  • Awarded as the most productive researcher/engineer, 2017.
  • Awarded as the most capable lecturer, 2014.

Areas of Research

  • Digital Twin Development
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Remote Sensors
  • Bridge Health Monitoring
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Structural Performance and Design

Patented Product

Innovative structural Composite Buckling-Restrained Fuse (CBRF).

Supervised by: Professor Mohammad Ali Kafi, Professor Ali Kheyroddin, Professor Hamid Ronagh

Masoud Mohammadi is the inventor of Structural Composite Buckling-Restrained Fuse (CBRF). Structural fuses are sacrificed elements that embedded in part of the structure to limit the overloading failures by absorbing the energy due to entering the plastic zone and caused that the main components remained elastic without buckling and flaw. The invention presents a novel axial composite buckling restrained fuse (CBRF) that inspired by the buckling restrained braces (BRBs), included extra tensile elements which could compensate the reduction of the tensile capacity of ordinary ones. Workability and reparability are two other inevitable advantages of using CBRF as a hysteresis damper that always encouraged the designers and constructors to utilize them. A CBRFs are straightforward in fabrication, inspection and can be replaced with low cost and simple equipment after a severe lateral load such as an earthquake and wind. This invention, as an advanced manufacturing product, is particularly important for some countries such as Iran, USA, New Zealand, Australia, etc. to construct earthquake- and hurricane-resistant buildings and infrastructures.

Current Projects

  • Photogrammetry and digitisation of Windsor Bridge.
  • Accuracy evaluation of McKanes Bridge point clouds.
  • CAD model development for McKanes Bridge.
  • Modern damage assessment of structural components.

Selected Publications

M. Mohammadi, M. Rashidi, V. Mousavi, A. Karami, Y. Yu and  B. Samali, (2021) Quality Evaluation of Digital Twins Generated Based on UAV Photogrammetry and TLS: Bridge Case StudyRemote Sensing, MDPI, Vol. 13, No. 17, Page 3499, Paper Link.

▪ Y. Feng, M. Mohammadi, L. Wang, M. Rashidi, P. Mehrabi, (2021) Application of Artificial Intelligence to Evaluate the Fresh Properties of Self-Consolidating ConcreteMaterials, MDPI, Vol. 14, No. 17, Page 4885, Paper Link.

▪ M. Rashidi, M. Mohammadi, S. Sadeghlou, M.M. Abdolvand, L. Truong-Hong and B. Samali, (2020) A Decade of Modern Bridge Monitoring Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning: Review and Future DirectionsRemote Sensing, MDPI, Vol. 12, No. 22, Page 37-96, Paper Link.

M. Mohammadi, M.A. Kafi, A. Kheyroddin, H. Ronagh, (2020) Performance of innovative buckling restrained fuse for concentrically braced frames subjected to cyclic loadingSteel and Composite Structures, An International Journal, Vol. 36, No. 2, Page 163-177, Paper Link.

M. Mohammadi, M. A. Kafi, A. Kheyroddin, H. Ronagh, M. Rashidi, (2020) “Experimental And Numerical Investigation of Innovative Composite Buckling-Restrained Fuse”, The Australasian Conference on the Mechanics of Structures and Materials, ACMSM 25, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Paper Link.

M. Mohammadi, M.A. Kafi, A. Kheyroddin, H.  Ronagh, (2019) Experimental and numerical investigation of innovative composite buckling restrained fuse under cyclic loadingJournal of Structures, Vol. 22, Pages 186-199, Paper Link.

M. Mohammadi, M. A. Kafi, A. Kheyroddin, H. Ronagh, (2018) “Experimental Study of Innovative Composite Buckling- Restrained Fuse for Concentrically Braced Frames Subjected to a Cyclic Load”, The Fourth Australasia and South-East Asia Structural Engineering and Construction Conference, University of Southern Queensland, Paper Link.

▪ N. Usefi, H. Ronagh, M. Mohammadi, (2018) “Finite element analysis of hybrid cold-formed steel shear wall panels”, The Fourth Australasia and South-East Asia Structural Engineering and Construction Conference, University of Southern Queensland, Paper Link

▪M. Rashidi, M. Ghodrat, B. Samali and M. Mohammadi, (2018) “Management of information systems; Decision support system” intechOpen, Book Link

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