Masoud Mohammadi

Contact Details

Masoud is a visiting researcher from the Semnan University of Iran, currently hosted at CIE by Professor Hamid Ronagh.

Areas of Research/Current Project

Seismic performance of innovative composite buckling restrained fuse (CBRF) under cyclic loads

Supervised by: Dr. Mohammad Ali Kafi, Professor Ali Kheyroddin

Structural fuses are sacrificed elements that embedded in part of the structure to limit the overloading failures by absorbing the energy due to entering the plastic zone and caused that the main components remained elastic without buckling and flaw. The project presents an innovative axial composite buckling restrained fuse (CBRF) that inspired by the buckling restrained braces (BRBs), included extra tensile elements which could compensate the reduction of the tensile capacity of ordinary ones. Workability and reparability are two other inevitable advantages of using CBRF as a hysteresis damper that always encouraged the designers and constructors to utilize them. A CBRF seems to be easily in fabrication, inspection and can be replaced with low cost and simple equipment after a serve lateral load such as an earthquake.