Robert Marshall

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Robert Marshall is the Laboratory Manager for the CIE's Structural Testing Laboratory, and is responsible for the project management and successful completion of a large range of complex structural engineering research and testing projects.

Robert has an Honours Degree in Civil Engineering, with a background and extensive experience in the construction industry. His areas of expertise include Project Management, Quality Assurance and Occupational Health and Safety Management.

Main duties include:

  • Management of the day-to-day operation and organisation of the Structural Testing Laboratory for research work and other projects
  • Supervision of laboratory technical staff and students working on research projects.
  • Management of major project work on structural engineering research projects, including:
    • Consultation with academic staff
    • Fabrication of specimens
    • Design and Set-up of testing rigs
    • Data recording
    • Operation and supervision of all testing processes and equipment
    • Preparation and submission of reports
  • Management and administration of the Structural Testing Laboratory.
  • Management and improvement of the test equipment and associated infrastructure of the Laboratory.
  • Assistance to the academic staff in developing test specimens and test programmes.
  • Assistance to research students with experimental work.
  • Management of Occupational Health and Safety in the Laboratory.