How we can help

The NDCO Program works strategically to assist people with disability access, and participate in tertiary education and subsequent employment. Our Officers undertake a wide range of activities with the aim of achieving the following four outcomes for people with disability:

  • Services that facilitate transitions and participation in tertiary education and subsequent employment are coordinated.
  • Local networks collaborate to identify and overcome barriers in transitions and participation in tertiary education and subsequent employment.
  • People with disability make decisions about their education and employment based on an improved knowledge of their rights and entitlements, supports available, educational options and pathways to employment.

This section of the website provides information about our main activities and ways we can help. Don't forget you can also contact your local NDCO to discuss your information needs and learn more about how we can help.

Examples of our activities are presented under the following four sub-sections:

Improving linkages

NDCOs can help by making referrals to appropriate services, and supporting the linkages and coordination between services. For example, we can:

  • refer and link individuals to local support services and help them to access ongoing assistance where necessary.
  • help coordinate services and linkages between schools, vocational education providers, higher education providers, and providers of employment services and disability programs.
  • work collaboratively with education professionals, employers, service providers and the community to identify gaps and barriers in regional services and resources, and work to address these gaps.
  • establish or support local networks that promote communication, cooperation and strong linkages between professionals working in schools, vocational education, higher education and employment services.
  • establish, maintain, and participate in cross-sector email lists for professionals that support dissemination of information.
  • liaise with community organisations, government bodies and contribute to policy initiatives where appropriate.

Resource development and training

We can help by developing new and passing on existing resources and information. We also offer training and professional development. NDCOs can:

  • develop resources in various formats to assist students and families with transition planning
  • offer web-based transition planning information and resources, through this website and others.
  • present to school groups, educators, service providers and employers about key transition planning and participation issues in post-school education, training and employment
  • inform individuals, education professionals and employers of their rights and responsibilities with regard to relevant legislation, including the Disability Discrimination Act (1992) and Disability Standards for Education (2005)
  • develop and distribute resources to education providers and employers that encourage and support effective transition planning
  • offer professional development and training to educators, service providers and employers to help them better support students' transition planning and participation in post-school education, training and employment

Awareness raising and promotion

NDCOs can raise awareness of disabilities, and help by promoting the participation of people with disability in post-school education, training and employment. For example, we can:

  • initiate, and participate in, activities that promote employment of people with a disability or chronic medical condition
  • offer and support disability awareness training activities for educators, service providers, employers and the community
  • promote examples of individuals successfully transitioning to, and participating in, post-school education, training and employment
  • promote examples of best practice service provision and support for the participation of people with disabilities in post-school education, training and employment

Empowering people with information

NDCOs can help individuals and families with transition planning, by providing a variety of information and support. We can:

  • provide information about the range of post-school education, training, and employment options, and about how to access these options
  • advise individuals and families about the assistance and services available to support post-school education, training and employment
  • advise individuals about alternative entry pathways into post-school education, training, and employment options
  • provide information to individuals and families at local Post-School Pathways and Careers Expos
  • plan and host forums, activities and events for individuals and families that support transition planning
  • through this website, and our social media and email strategies, advise the community of current news, information, activities and events related to tertiary education and employment
  • provide information to assist individuals make important decisions about disability disclosure.

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