'Disclosure: It's A Personal Decision' is a collaborative project, written and funded by Anna Mungovan, Regional Disability Liaison Officer, Greater Western Sydney Region, (hosted by Western Sydney University) and Fran Quigley, Regional Disability Liaison Officer, Western Victoria, (hosted by the University of Ballarat). This project is part of the National Disability Coordination Officer Programme, funded by the Department of Education and Training.

A special thank you goes to those who assisted in the development of 'Disclosure: Its a Personal Decision' , especially the following people and departments:

(The following names are listed in alphabetical order)

Mr Paul Armstrong
Director, Policy
Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner

Ms Suzanne Colbert, CEO &
Ms Megan Brand, NSW Business Manager
Employment representatives Employers Making a Difference (EMAD)

Mr Ian Dennis
Disability Advisor, Office of the Dean of Students
Western Sydney University representative
Western Sydney University

Mr Andrew Downie
Disability Teacher Consultant, Assistive Technology
Open Training Education Network, TAFE NSW

Mr Timothy Hart
Co-Convener Students with Disabilities Representative
Australasian Network of Students with Disabilities (ANSWD)

Mr Paul Jenkin 
EEO Portfolio Manager & Adviser on Employment of People with a Disability
Employment representative Office of the Director of Equal Opportunity in Public Employment

Ms Berinda Karp
Disability Teacher Consultant Intellectual Disability
TAFE NSW Greater Western Sydney Representative
NSW Department of Education and Training

Ms Maxine Lacey
Director, Social Justice Unit
Western Sydney University

Ms Jo Maguire
Social Justice Officer, Social Justice Unit
Western Sydney University

Wendy Morgan
Disability Liaison Officer
Western Victoria TAFE Representative Gordon TAFE, Victoria

Ms Patricia Richardson
Workable Coordinator Employment Representative
NSW Department of Education and Training

Dr Meg Smith Associate Professor, School of Applied Social and Human Sciences
Western Sydney University

Ms Karen Toohey
Principle Investigation Conciliation Officer
Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission

Ms Elizabeth Reid
Regional Disability Liaison Officer, Northern Territory
Representative of the National Network of regional Disability Liaison
Officers and Disability Coordination Officers

Paul Woloch
Manager Corporate Services & Privacy Officer
Western Sydney University

Ms Jan Wortley
Principle Officer, TAFE NSW
NSW Department of Education and Training

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