New resources for researchers working with young people

We are excited to share the launch of a suite of resources to guide researchers on youth engagement and collaboration in ways that are respectful, inclusive, aware, and power-neutral. The virtual launch was hosted by Prof Kate Steinbeck and included Y&R Co-Director Professor Philippa Collin, Y&R Research Officer Mia Cox, and the panel of WH&Y Commissioners on 28 March.

This resource aims to encourage health researchers to engage meaningfully with young people as partners in adolescent health research and translation. There is growing evidence that health research on issues affecting young people is better when young people are engaged across all research phases: from agenda-setting to translation into policy and service design and delivery.

Regardless of what phase of research you are in, these resources provide simple and practical steps which can help you engage with young people in ways that are respectful, meaningful and inclusive.

The Guidebook was prepared by Maia Giordano, Betty Nguyen, Mia Cox and Professor Philippa Collin, in collaboration with the Wellbeing, Health & Youth Commission (WH&Y Commission). The WH&Y Commission is made up of young people aged 14 – 25 from around Australia. WH&Y Commissioners work with researchers to define and collaboratively deliver research proposals and projects, to advocate and translate young people’s perspectives and research findings for better health policy and everyday healthcare.

The Guidebook and accompanying resources were developed from our iterative and participatory research with young people, researchers and policy and advocacy partners, building on methods and approaches developed at the Young and Resilient Research Centre.