JMI Policymaker Summit 2023

When decision-makers are equipped with insights from research they are better positioned to shape a sustainable and positive future. Recently, the Young and Resilient Research Centre was honoured to participate in the JMI Policymaker Summit 2023 hosted at UNSW by the James Martin Institute for Public Policy (JMI). Our delegation included Young & Resilient Co-Directors, Professor Philippa Collin and Professor Amanda Third, together with other members of our team.

Our team showcased Y&R’s achievements including thought leadership and innovative engagements through the Wellbeing Health & Youth Commission, our internationally impactful research on nutrition and food systems, the scale of our research particularly in the fields of digital participation and violence prevention online and offline, and the breath of our work which explores physical communities, spaces and culture, as well as greater societal challenges such as climate change and adaptation.

"The JMI showcase brought together a diverse range of policy makers and community partners who might not have heard of the impactful research of Y&R. We made some great new connections across different levels of government and are already taking some of those conversations forward into possible new collaborations," said Prof Collin.

The summit also featured a keynote address by NSW Deputy Premier the Hon. Prue Car and panel discussions with academics and government policymakers. The panels discussed a range of topics from economic resilience to democratic policymaking and empowering local communities in NSW.

JMI is an independent, non-partisan policy institute focused on benefitting the people, planet and future of New South Wales by providing a neutral space for policymakers, academics, and industry and community experts to produce practical solutions informed by world-leading research. Driven by processes of collaboration, co-design, co-delivery and communication, JMI recognises that diverse teams result in relevant and engaging solutions ready for real-world implementation.

We would like to thank the James Martin Institute for Public Policy and UNSW for hosting the summit and we look forward to participating in future events.

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