2021 Youth Health: research and policy priorities and concerns

WH&Y Report 2021The latest WH&Y Commision report is calling for further research, support and services for young people’s health and wellbeing as they struggle during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the research, the impact of the pandemic has interrupted young people’s education, limited work opportunities, and resulted in declining mental health.

“They [young people aged 20 to 29] have had the highest rates of COVID-19 cases nation-wide, including in NSW during the Delta outbreak,” the report reads.

“At the same time, many young people have been speaking to their communities to understand their experiences whilst advocating for and supporting their needs.”

The document states young people are seriously disadvantaged within the health system and many leave the system in poorer health than when they entered it.

The WH&Y Commission report 2021 Youth health, research and policy priorities and concerns was written by young people in collaboration with the researchers and staff at the Young & Resilient Research Centre.

The project discusses young people’s views on health issues, research and policy priorities as well as principles and strategies to address youth health concerns.

“Young people are stepping up to share their views and expertise on the path forward,” the WH&Y Commission says.

“They want to work with government, research institutions and services to shape a health system that partners with young people to address short and long-term health concerns.”

Read the full report here