Research Associates

Young and Resilient Research Centre has a growing cohort of research associates. Associates bring a wide range of interdisciplinary skills and interests and contribute significantly to the innovative and collaborative research of the Centre.


Dr Sky Hugman

Sky has extensive research experience in the area of young people, sexuality and gender equity issues. She researches the flows of power, affect and epistemological assumptions in the creation of knowledge with a focus on the role of reflexivity, resistance and the imaginary in the generation of alternative knowledge production spaces. Other interests include network representation and theory, and the use of natural language mapping software for text analytics and network analysis. She is the managing editor of the Australian Journal of Sociology.

ORCID ID: 0000-0001-5785-630


Ms Louisa Lemm

Louisa Lemm worked as a research assistant on various projects for the Young and Resilient Initiative. Louisa has previously worked in the legal sector as a law clerk in corporate, media and gaming law, and assisted barristers with civil law matters. She has also contributed to non-for-profit consulting services to help NGOs achieve a greater social impact. Louisa has completed a Bachelor of Arts (Government and International Relations) and is currently in her final year of a Bachelor of Laws at the University of Sydney.


Dr Jasbeer Musthafa Mamalipurath

Jasbeer’s research sits at the intersection of digital media, communications, social exclusion, and religion. The current focus of his work centres on the potential role of new media technologies and digital narratives in diversity and community inclusion, with a particular interest in the role of digital storytelling in combating dis/misinformation and marginalisation. He has worked across a number of roles at Young and Resilient, including Research Officer – Impact. Jasbeer also has significant experience in developing research impact strategy and conducting engaged research. He is eager to collaborate on critical research on digital media that can creatively think through issues of marginalization, disinformation, and digital harms as well as the potentiality of digital engagements.


Ms Jane McCormack

Jane McCormack has conducted research in academic, advisory, commercial and NGO contexts across a range of topics, including social media and the wellbeing of children and young people; young people’s participation in democracy; the prevention of violence against children; belonging for families with young children; the use of music to improve wellbeing; and climate change action in Victoria, Australia.


Ms Betty Nguyen

Betty Nguyen is a Western Sydney University graduate who is passionate for young people’s rights and youth engagement. Betty has worked with and for young people in a legal, advocacy and research role within non-government organisations, local council, and with Western Sydney University. In 2019, Betty wrote an Honours Dissertation on My Health Record and Young People. In the future, she aspires to become an advocate for young people and influence policies that affect young people’s lives.