Research Week 2023 - Storytelling: Measuring and evaluating with young people

Children and young people can bring new perspectives, insights and energy to research processes when given the opportunity. Our team was honoured to kick off Research Week 2023 at Western Sydney University with our ‘Storytelling for impact: Measuring and evaluating with young people’ event.

Research Week is a highlight in the University calendar, presenting the opportunity to showcase Western's research excellence and impact. This year’s theme was Global Challenges: Capturing Solutions.

Our event, held at the Parramatta City Campus on July 10, brought together practitioners, service providers, young people and academics. The session included:

  • How to prepare, plan and implement meaningful youth involvement in research
  • What a safe space looks and feels like from the youth perspective
  • Case studies: our eSafety research, co-research toolkit, and the Wellbeing Health & Youth Commission
  • Activities: personal reflection, group activity discussing how to achieve youth engagement within organisational and team parameters.

The event finished off with a networking session, where a range of partners heard directly from young people about their experiences, and further discussed what meaningful and impactful work with young people looks like. Overall, the only criticism from partners was that we didn’t have enough time together!  We would like to thank everyone who made this event possible including the attendees, speakers and organising team. The organising committee was led by Dr Benjamin Hanckel and included Y&R members Assoc Prof Ann Dadich, Dr Milissa Deitz and Dr Rachel Morley, and Y&R staff Lou Welland, Mia Cox, Dr Nukte Ogun, Rose Lewis, Sarah Rammal and Lilly Moody. Audience members also heard an address from Y&R Co-director Prof Amanda Third and youth speakers Grace McGowan and Anhaar Kareem.

We look forward to dreaming up more events and getting to talk about our passions and solutions with you. Thank you for supporting our work and following our journey.