2020 - Publications

Child-centred indicators for violence prevention: Summary report on a Living Lab in the City of Valenzuela, Philippines (2020)

This report describes the Living Lab process used in the City of Valenzuela, summarises the key findings of the workshops with children, presents the critical issues and a preliminary list of indicators co-developed with child and adult stakeholders and reflects on the strengths and limitations of the Living Lab process in promoting better, more inclusive violence prevention and response. The resulting primarily qualitative indicators are designed to complement existing high-level quantitative indicators for violence reduction and prevention. They will be refined further with child and adult stakeholders in the Philippines and other End Violence Pathfinding Countries over time.

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Protest for a Future II (2020)

Academics of Young and Resilient Research Centre have joined with an international team of researchers to study the rolling Global Climate Strikes held, by collecting data at the protests held in September 2019. The results have been published in a report released early this year. The researchers examined survey data from 19 cities in 16 countries. Our team contributed analysing the protesters at the Domain in Sydney.

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Snapshot 2020: NSW Youth Sector (2020)

In partnership with Youth Action, Young and Resilient academics conducted the largest survey of the NSW Youth Sector in a decade. Snapshot 2020 provides a current picture of the youth sector in NSW, outlining the services, workforce, and the young people they serve, how services are adapting to the digital age as well as future opportunities for the sector. All of this is in the face of considerable challenges and uncertainty that young people face in the state of NSW.

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2019 - Publications

Manifesto: Innovation in Public Space (2019)

Working with the Marina de Valencia in Spain, the Intergener8 team are designing and delivering a Living Lab process, bringing diverse stakeholders together in the co-research and co-design of initiatives that drive the urban, economic and cultural transformation of Valencia.

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Wellbeing, Health and Youth Engagement Framework (2019)

This Wellbeing Health & Youth (WH&Y) Engagement Framework has been co-produced with young people and other experts in a growing community of practice. Rather than provide principles that direct how researchers, projects, organisations or governments should achieve engagement with young people, the WH&Y Engagement Framework presents a set of values and practical questions that to prompt responses and decision making that promote ethical practices of engagement with young people.

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Previous Publications

Young and Online (2017)

In June 2017, 490 children aged 10–18, from 26 different countries1 and speaking 24 official languages, participated in workshops held by UNICEF Country Offices and National Committees to share their views on how and why they use digital technologies in their everyday lives, as well as their aspirations for the future of our digitally mediated world. The evidence collated in this report demonstrates that adolescents around the world are thinking in nuanced and sophisticated ways about the complex, positive and negative potentialities of digital technology, not just for their own immediate experiences but also for those of their communities and the world at large. They offer critical insights for ongoing research, policy and practice efforts in this field.

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Creating Benefit for All (2016)

Young people’s participation contributes to healthier, happier individuals and communities, and a stronger, more resilient democracy capable of responding effectively to complex challenges such as mental health, environmental and economic change. The findings of this study have informed a framework for Youth Engaged Policy (YEP). The framework is comprised of four Strategic Focus Areas and three Components for Actualising Engagement. The YEP Framework is designed to guide thinking, research, investment, activities and advocacy. 1688106

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Children’s Rights in the Digital Age (2014)

A partnership between the Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre and Digitally Connected Network, how can we give children and young people voice in the debate that explores the impact of digital access and use and their rights. The multi-media package, of which this report is one component, brings together the perspectives of more than 140 young people, aged six to 18, from 16 countries around the globe. Report contains rich voices of children and young people that can inform governments, UN agencies, civil society, academic, industry and others on new and innovative ways to bring the rights of children in the digital age to the fore.

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