Student Experiences

Learn local, act global.

International events and opportunities.

The Academy knows that you don't get to the top by standing still or exclusively sitting in a class room.

The understanding that real leadership is built on relationships, empathy and a wider experience of the world is what encourages The Academy to offer remarkable opportunities to participate in top-level conferences and volunteer programs, nationally and internationally.

Some recent events offered to The Academy's students, partly or fully funded by the University, include:

Sixth University Scholars Leadership Symposium – Hong Kong, SAR, China

An international humanitarian leadership program where outstanding university students from many countries come together to learn about, explore, and address global issues concerning the plight of those living in extreme poverty.

Citizenship and Democracy Program in Partnership with Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Our students work with South African peers to investigate what citizenship means in our world, and examine the intersection with democracy and systems of representation.

Volunteering Through Voice (Volunteers in Community Engagement) – Vanuatu, Mexico, Costa Rica, Cambodia and The Northern Territory

Students helped to build local schools in Cambodia and Vanuatu as well as assisting with teaching the local students. In the Northern Territory town of Yuendumu, students helped to run after-school and holiday programs for Indigenous youth.

Read about some of the Student Experiences:

In recent years, Academy students have also participated in and attended:

  • Harvard Project for Asia and International Relations Conference, Manila
  • International Student Energy Summit, Bali
  • Talloires Network Leaders Conference, Stellenbosch South Africa
  • Women as Global Leaders Conference, Abu Dhabi
  • G20 Youth Summit, USA and Russia
  • Leadership Symposiums on Humanitarian Affairs, Thailand and Bali
  • International Internship Program for Engineering, China
  • United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, South Africa and Qatar.