The Academy

Change is the only constant, and it's getting faster. New jobs will be created, others will disappear, and new technology will change the career landscape beyond recognition.

The Academy of Western Sydney University offers advanced degrees that prepare you to thrive in the face of change. You will learn to anticipate, navigate and adapt, to think differently and be creative as an employee, an entrepreneur or an academic. Where once a career followed a linear path, your future will follow several different directions and may take you places you hadn't dreamed of because, right now, they don't exist. The future is uncharted territory. Learn how to navigate it at The Academy.

The Academy's specialised learning experience focuses on developing tomorrow's leaders through carefully tailored academic units, workshops, projects and events.

You will learn to see things from multiple perspectives, and be equipped to anticipate and navigate fast-moving change.

Your thinking will become flexible, agile and adaptable, open to all the possibilities that life and a constantly evolving career landscape can offer.  

From an employer's point of view, you'll have an edge because you are not just the embodiment of a degree, but an adaptable, multi-level thinker offering value across many aspects of a rapidly changing workplace.

From your point of view, a world of possibilities will be within your grasp.