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Our sports experts specialise across the areas of sports science, high performance, coaching, physical activity and health, sports fandom, sports in the community and sports spectator experiences.

Dr Ric Lovell

Ric Lovell photo Dr Ric Lovell is an internationally renowned expert in team-sports physiology. His particular focus is on athletic development and preparation of players, and monitoring of training and competition match-loads to optimise performance and reduce injury risk. He's worked with elite professional squads in a number of football codes, including Soccer (Hull City FC, Western Sydney Wanderers, Ghanaian Football Association, Middlesbrough FC, Scunthorpe United FC), Rugby League (Hull Kingston Rovers) and AFL (GWS GIANTS).

Dr Jason Siegler

Jason Siegler photo Dr Jason Siegler is an academic and a certified athletic trainer who has worked with elite athletes and professional squads in the US, UK and Australia. He can help you understand physiology to boost performance, for example buffering supplementation, hydration, training adaptations in team sports, and injury prehabilitation and prevention.

Mr Keith Parry

Keith Parry Mr Keith Parry is an expert on sports fandom and the spectator experience. His research has examined issues around identity, masculinity, and the conflicts between country and culture in Australia. This research has provided him with a deep insight into both the sociology of sport (and sports fans) and the Greater Western Sydney region.

Dr Samuel Chalmers

Samuel Chalmers Dr Samuel Chalmers researches sporting performance, thermoregulation, and load monitoring. He has worked with elite athletes in the Australian Football League (Adelaide Football Club) and internationally ranked beach volleyballers (South Australian Sports Institute).

Dr Emma George

Emma George Dr Emma George's research is focused on promoting lifelong physical activity and health through designing and implementing programs in the community, clubs and workplaces. Her research has involved working with middle-aged and older men, culturally and linguistically diverse groups, university employees, and youth in organised sport.

Dr Andrew Bennie

Andrew Bennie Dr Andrew Bennie is an expert in sports coaching and physical education (PE). He has worked with elite professional sport teams, Indigenous coaches in community and high performance settings, and with PE teachers in schools across NSW. He has specialised in the use of in-depth interview techniques, onsite 'live' observations, and video analysis of coaching-teaching practice.

Dr Kylie Steel

Kylie Steel Dr Kylie Steel is a former PE teacher and sports coach who is an expert in skill acquisition and sports performance. She studies the perceptual-cognitive aspects of decision-making in team sports and the various applications of video training techniques with athletes and special populations.

Dr Tim Hall

Tim Hall Dr Tim Hall's research area investigates the creation and delivery of customer experiences across a range of industry contexts. Of particular interest is the creation of game day fan experiences and increasing fan engagement. He has recently worked with the Australian Rugby Union gaining an insight into the fan experience provided by the ARU across various venues within Australia. Tim also fills the role of Sport Management Course Advisor in which he has assisted AFL and NRL players develop a pathway into university.

Dr Ana RodasAna Rodas

Dr Ana Rodas' research is focused on promoting safety and security at football matches. Ana's research challenges one dimensional law and order responses that focus on traditional understandings of football fans as 'hooligans', and contends that strategies that recognise safety and security at football matches as a complex 'co-production' involving a wide range of actors, beyond the public police or private security, are more likely to be effective.  Ana's prior research has compared the safety and security networks at Anfield Stadium and Allianz Stadium.

Mr Brendan HoeyBH

Mr Brendan Hoey is the University's Sport Services Officer. Western Sydney University is starting to emerge as a major player in competitive inter-varsity sport and continues to win more championships and medals year to year. Brendan coordinates the Elite Athlete Program, the Universities involvement in Inter-varsity competitions, cross campus sporting events and assists all other facets of student focused sport offerings. Having also worked for Australian University Sport as the Australian University Games Sports Coordinator in 2014, Brendan has developed a great set of skills and networks from which he draws on to enhance the opportunities for students to engage in sport and the associated outcomes.

Mr Matthew SchildMatt

Mr Matthew Schild is the Head Peer Tutor for the Graduates of League program.  The Graduates of League is an NRL program for university students that involves the NRL clubs and universities providing mentoring, tuition and financial support.  Matthew develops the schedule for tutors to meet with the players.  Matthew also assists the NRL Club career coaches with all player study related administration and ensuring they are set up for success.