Representative & Inter-Varsity

UniSport Nationals

Western Sydney University is a participating member of UniSport Australia, providing student athletes with various opportunities to represent their university throughout the year. UniSport Nationals is our flagship event where students can represent Western across 20+ sports, against 40+ other educational institutions across the country over a week-long period in a set location within Australia, think the Olympics for Australian Universities!  

The benefit of UniSport Nationals is that while the competition is generally of a high standard, time commitments are rather small meaning it has minimal impact on your studies/work & in most cases can be done con-currently with club sport commitments. We are very fortunate every year to have a healthy contingent of our Elite Athlete Program students making themselves available to compete helping to ensure our teams are consistently amongst the best in the country! 

To find out more information about UniSport Nationals you can visit their website.

Sport Offerings

Outside of the main UniSport Nationals event there are also multiple single sport events that provide further opportunities for athletes to represent their university in sports such as:

  • Athletics
  • Swimming
  • T20 Cricket
  • E-Sports
  • Rugby League
  • 3x3 Basketball
  • Distance Running
  • Snow Sports
  • Triathlon
  • Surfing


Inter-Varsity events are the perfect blending of socialising while competing in representative sport for the University. IV events are typically one day events although some do go over multiple days in regional areas, providing a fantastic opportunity to travel and bond with your fellow Western students!  

Some of our more notable IV events include our annual ‘Clash of Sports’ against the University of Wollongong & our Duntroon event which is against the Royal Military College and has 100 odd years of history behind it. 

We also host our own annual Campus of Origin event which pits all of our Western campuses against each other across a variety of different sports. It Is without doubt our biggest on campus sporting event throughout the year!

We are always working behind the scenes with other universities to provide more opportunities in this space so that more students can say they represented the Western Sydney University Ducks!