Elite Athlete Program

The Elite Athlete Program is designed to assist student athletes juggle their studies while continuing to compete in high level sport. The program covers every sport possible & is one of the few in the country which also considers coaches & match officials. The program is free to join & once approved as a member of the Elite Athlete Program (EAP), the Western Sydney University sports department will provide students with the following: 

  • Early access to tutorial registration selection in line with University Guidelines 
  • Access to Assessment/Exam Special Consideration in line with University Guidelines
  • Monetary discounts on the costs associated with representing the University at Unisport Australia endorsed events
  • Free access to University Gyms
  • WSU EAP apparel
  • Free/Discounted access to the UniClinic and University Psychology Services 

EAP Tier Classification & Eligibility

The Elite Athlete Program has a two-tiered classification system - Emerging & Elite. Emerging Athletes get access to all the benefits of the Elite Athlete program, with the exception of access to Special Purpose Grants. Emerging Tier Athletes will still be granted monetary discounts for representing the University at Unisport Australia endorsed events however will not be discounted at the same rate as Elite classified athletes.

Elite tier athletes have full access to all the benefits of the program. Athletes must have competed in their chosen sport within the last 12 months in order to qualify for the program. Students are still eligible for the program if they are injured but have been selected in a squad or are currently signed to an Elite Athlete eligible club. 

Coaches & Officials

Western is one of the only Universities in the country that recognize Coaches & Officials under their EAP. Both Coaches & Officials fall under the same eligibility criteria as the athletes for their chosen sport.