About the Staff Social Club

The Staff Social Club is managed by an Executive Committee, which was designed to have up to 2 representatives from each campus committee.

Since the inception of the Club some campus committees have struggled to have sufficient numbers to meet this obligation and over the past decade the members have in successive General meetings agreed that the executive consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

The Executive Committee meets face-to-face, as required and often electronically, to minimise delay in approving campus based initiatives and to oversee and organise 'collective' staff functions.


Elections are currently underway and will be announced at our next AGM (30/04/2019)

The CURRENT Executive Committee consists

  • President: Kellie McNamara (Campbelltown)
  • Vice President: Tanya Rubin (Parramatta)
  • Treasurer: Charles Noonan (retired - still acting in the role)
  • Secretary: Sue Veen (Kingswood)

    Campus Committees

    • Bankstown campus: Karen Martin and Jenni Dewberry
    • Campbelltown campus: Kellie McNamara, Victoria Kasunic and Charles Noonan
    • Hawkesbury campus: Georgia Vasiliadis, Kim Nemetz and Gillian Brown
    • Parramatta campus: Michelle Gillard and Fiona Creed
    • Penrith campus: Sue Veen, Shirley Gilbert, Sonya O'Shanna and Jaleesa Godson
    • Liverpool: Julie Forti, Diana Curuenavuli and Vicki Fox

    Annual General Meetings

    Elections for the Executive and Campus Committees are conducted electronically each year and the outcomes announced at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).