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Higher Degree Research

Higher Degree Research (HDR) enables a student to conduct an in-depth investigation to advance their understanding and knowledge on an engineering related research topic.

Many staff in the School are at the forefront of research in their fields and are experienced in directing research projects. In order to maximise research output and impact, research topics will be structured to capitalise on the strengths of both students and staff.

HDR graduates of the School are not only sought after by the engineering profession for their specialised knowledge, their analytical skills and systematic approach to problem solving,  they are also highly regarded for their financial and project management capabilities.

How to Apply

for Research Degrees

Research Courses:

  • Master of Research is a research training degree that will provide you with the experience to confidently approach your PhD and future career.
  • Master of Philosophy degree is an opportunity to develop analytical and research skills as a supervised program of original research.
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is a degree that provides you with the training and education to independently conduct high quality and original research.
  • Professional Doctorates provide advanced training in fields where research projects and investigations are applied in professional practice.

Who to contact for advice:

Admission Criteria  

To approve your application into a research higher degree, the university must be satisfied that you are able to commence independent study at a Master of Philosophy or doctoral level. More Information

How do I choose a supervisor?

Prospective students are advised to study the research interests and expertise of staff members. Please go to the potential supervisors page to identify a staff member whose research interests and expertise match those of the student.

Contact should then be made with the staff member to explore and identify potential research projects, confirm the availability of the supervisor and discuss opportunities for research scholarship support if needed. Including a detailed research proposal and an identified supervisor in your application expedites the processing of the application.