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Our focus is on driving the development of agile, adaptive and innovative solutions which increase efficiencies, sustainability and organisational strength through the new projects, delivery models, processes and governance protocols that leverage the University’s assets. 


We are responsible for the advancement and development of a portfolio of strategic projects. This portfolio facilitates strategic planning, cross functional collaboration and progressing projects that align with and enhance the University’s Sustaining Success 2021-2026 strategy.

Current Projects

Agri Tech Hub

Strengthening Australia’s high-tech food production and domestic supply chain capacity is a heightened priority in the face of a rapidly changing international risk profile. Equally, promoting agriculture as a central industry-attraction and employment priority of the Western Sydney City Deal is of renewed importance in overcoming the profound labour-market and economic dislocation associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Western Sydney University’s Agri Tech Hub project will create precincts that provide continuum between industry, teaching and research innovation in agriculture and horticulture, demonstrating intensive, high-yield, sustainable, technology interfaced commercial agricultural practices.

Providing a ‘proof of concept’ in advance of the ‘Fresh Food Precinct’ implementation at the Aerotropolis, the Hawkesbury Agri Tech Hub will unlock growth opportunities for the Western Sydney region aligning with the Western City and Aerotropolis Authority (WCAA) and the NSW Department of Primary industries pillars (intensive production, logistics, food & pharma and food & innovation).

ITDS PrintSmart

ITDS has partnered with Strategy, Business Development, and Procurement (SBDP) services to develop a new print solution for the University, called PrintSmart.

Print Smart changes the way staff and students print. Regardless of where you are, you can print to any printer by simply swiping your card. The net result of this is we can consolidate printers and further improve the user experience. This is commonly known as 'Follow Me Print'.

The new print solution aspires to provide an enhanced user experience sustainable for both the University and which helps to minimise the impact on the environment. As a result, the rollout of the new print fleet will be deployed across our campus network for both staff and students until the end of this year.

Student Management System

The Student Management System is the source of truth for student and curriculum information and is critical to University operations.   

Western launched its new SMS in October 2021. The new SMS is a contemporary and connected platform that supports students across their journey from admission through to graduation. 

The flexibility of the new SMS will be responsive to organisational changes and enable Western to continue to adapt and respond to the changing landscape of higher education practices into the future.

Western Growth

Western Growth is one of the Division’s and the University’s high priority strategic programs. It provides opportunities for the highest-quality learning and world-class research expertise in Western Sydney via optimising Western Sydney Unversity’s campus footprint, leveraging current infrastructure and incorporating innovative adaptive reuse to accelerate for the future. Ultimately, this will facilitate greater ongoing investment in Western’s core learning, teaching and research imperatives.

Enterprise Service Management

Enterprise Service Management (ESM) is an umbrella program which guides and enables the projects managing each of our service areas as they come into WesternNow.This digital transformation journey will be undertaken with a staged and progressive approach, commencing with service delivery areas that are readily achievable and add significant value. 

The ESM program is how WesternNow will be delivered to you. WesternNow is how we access all of our services and knowledge through an easy-to-use portal in the future.

Our intention is to extend the capability to all relevant areas in WSU as determined by the Steering Committee through our Program Governance Structure and Assurance Framework.

There are many partners, collaborating together to bring the best possible solutions for the ESM Program, and ultimately for our staff and students. Partners include Deloitte, ServiceNow and CSA, and internally, ITDS and the Student Management Systems (SMS) Program.

Neuromorphic Perception Solutions

The International Centre for Neuromorphic Systems (ICNS) is a world leader in the development of Neuromorphic Perception Solutions.

Inspired by biology, these ground-breaking solutions harness the power of the centre’s pioneering research on neuromorphic sensors, algorithms and processing hardware, to solve problems currently impeding technological innovation.

The Neuromorphic Engineering approach is sustainable and reliable, using low-power and high-speed systems at the edge to provide a solution to the data deluge problem currently limiting existing technology.

Neuromorphic Perception Solutions incorporate smart sensors, AI and digital infrastructure design and development, targeting areas such as Space and Aviation, smart manufacturing, built environment, automotive, agriculture and medical technology.

ICNS is already working with multinational firms such as Intel and Microsoft on the real-world application of these solutions and is actively seeking commercial partners for further collaborations. Such partnerships will help create a globally unique economic hub in Western Sydney and boost Australia’s regional economic sustainability and development.

We are seeking Expressions of Interest in how you wish to partner with us, so together we can fully realise the potential of these innovations and create globally significant commercial outcomes.

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