6 Tips for Keeping Cool This Summer

Sunlight shines through the leaves of a tree.

17 Dec 2018
Due to climate change and rapid urbanisation, our summers are getting hotter. Researchers at Western Sydney University say that extreme heat occurrences are becoming a   ...Read more.

Sydney’s 5 Worst Urban Design Mistakes

Thumbnail image of grey roof and sky

14 Dec 2018
As city populations increase and summer temperatures rise, growing attention is being given to the topic of urban heat islands and what can be done   ...Read more.

Researchers highlight potential of technology to support culturally diverse people with disability

Hand touching smartphone

03 Dec 2018
Today, on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, researchers at Western Sydney University say technology such as Artificial Intelligence has a pivotal role to   ...Read more.

New Grant on New Consumer Cultures in the Global South

Thumbnail image of the Commonwealth Coat of Arms

28 Nov 2018
Congratulations to Dr Anna Cristina Pertierra and her partner researchers Associate Professor Czarina Saloma-Akpedonu (Ateneo De Manila University, Philippines) and Dr Rosana Pinheiro Machado (Federal   ...Read more.

David Rowe Receives Distinguished Service to Australian Sociology Award

Thumbnail image of David with his TASA award

22 Nov 2018
Congratulations to Emeritus Professor David Rowe for receiving The Australian Sociological Association (TASA) Award for Distinguished Service to Australian Sociology.This award is made to a   ...Read more.

New Report Highlights Barriers Indigenous Australians Face in Accessing Disability Income Support

13 Nov 2018
A new report by Dr Karen Soldatic and Dr Michelle Fitts sheds light on the impact of changes to the Disability Support Pension’s (DSP) eligibility   ...Read more.

Opinion: Note to Governments: Sports Stadiums Should Benefit Everyone, Not Just Fans

Small image of sports stadium

13 Nov 2018
Reading through the hundreds of community submissions about the redevelopment of the Sydney Football Stadium, it is clear there is strong opposition to the new   ...Read more.

Research finds Disability Support Pension falls far short of ‘close the gap’ goals

An empty wheelchair at the bottom of a staircase.

19 Oct 2018
New research from Western Sydney University shows that the Australian Government’s ongoing changes to the Disability Support Pension (DSP) acutely disadvantage Aboriginal and Torres Strait   ...Read more.

Opinion: Honey, I hid the kids: Australia’s screen industry is letting down carers

Thumbnail image of a woman behind a camera.

18 Oct 2018
Women in Australia’s screen industry are finding it difficult to juggle their working lives with their caring roles, according to our study released today.In our   ...Read more.

Opinion: The AFLW found instant success, but challenges remain for its long-term sustainability

Thumbnail image of AFLW team

10 Oct 2018
This has been a momentous year for women’s sport in Australia. For the first time, the country’s major sporting leagues had both male and female   ...Read more.

An Open Letter on Rental Housing Reform

A man, woman and child looking distressed.

03 Oct 2018
Following a review of the New South Wales Residential Tenancies Act 2010 in 2016 and extended consultations, the NSW government has introduced a number of   ...Read more.

Opinion: Life as an Older Renter, and What it Tells Us About the Urgent Need for Tenancy Reform

A woman touching her head with her hand as though she is in pain.

03 Oct 2018
The New South Wales government has introduced a bill to reform the Residential Tenancies Act. This act sets out the rights and responsibilities of landlords   ...Read more.

Institute to Co-host Digital Cultures Conference

Thumbnail image of abstract coloured lines

18 Sep 2018
From 19-22 September, the Institute for Culture and Society will co-host the Digital Cultures: Knowledge/Culture/Technology conference with the Centre for Digital Cultures (CDC), Leuphana University   ...Read more.

Single Women Facing Housing Insecurity

11 Sep 2018
We hear a lot about the housing affordability crisis facing young people. But how are older people faring?Western Sydney University researcher, Dr Emma Power, and   ...Read more.

New Book Calls for Changes to Education System

Thumbnail image of abstract book cover image

11 Sep 2018
A new book co-edited by Western Sydney University’s Associate Professor David Cole asserts that a radical change to the education system is vital to addressing   ...Read more.

Opinion: Pay to Play: Is Participating in Sport Becoming too Expensive for Everyday Australians?

A thumbnail image of children playing soccer

07 Sep 2018
Australians spend nearly A$11 billion a year on sport and physical activity participation fees, according to the Australian Sports Commission.Not surprisingly, many people believe these   ...Read more.

Opinion: Friday Essay: the Rise of the ‘Bin Chicken’, a Totem for Modern Australia

Thumbnail image of three ibis - illustration

07 Sep 2018
In just a few decades, the Australian White Ibis (Threskiornis molucca) has made itself at home in many of Australia’s coastal and inland cities. And   ...Read more.

Opinion: World Cup Reflections - What Defines Nationality?

Paris World Cup Celebration

01 Aug 2018
This opinion piece was authored by HDR Student, Karen Sy de Jesus from the Institute for Culture and Society.En-route to Sydney from Vancouver, after attending   ...Read more.

ICS Mid-Year HDR Conference and Three Minute Thesis

Ha and Pyror with their certificates

01 Aug 2018
By ICS HDR representatives, Alejandra Villanueva and Francesca Sidoti On Wednesday the ICS held its annual Mid-Year Higher Degree Research (HDR) Conference.What a day, with   ...Read more.

New Report brings Sri Lankan Women Living with a Disability 'Out of the Shadows'

Two Sri Lankan women smiling at the camera

24 Jul 2018
L-R: Dr Karen Soldatic, pictured with field researchers and study participants Nisha Shariff and Mallika Kumarihamy, and fellow researchers Dr Dinesha Samararatne from the University   ...Read more.

Cost of Sport Participation in NSW Study Survey

05 Jul 2018
Western Sydney University researchers, Dr Michelle Cull, and our very own Dr Keith Parry, are conducting a study to better understand the various elements which   ...Read more.

Opinion: Another Tale of Two Cities: Access to Jobs Divides Sydney Along the 'Latte Line'

A line dividing Sydney up the middle has been termed the

29 Jun 2018
Sydney’s so-called “latte line” divides the city in two by jobs. Specifically, our research shows residents are segregated by both overall access to jobs and   ...Read more.

New Report Calls for More Creative Spaces in Sydney

Hand holding paintbrush

29 Jun 2018
Western Sydney University research has found that Sydney artists and cultural practitioners are facing growing barriers to conducting their work in the city – due   ...Read more.

Deborah Stevenson Wins Prize for Top Paper

14 Jun 2018
Congratulations to our very own Professor Deborah Stevenson, whose co-authored paper ‘Privatising the suburbs: examining the trends and implications of 20 years of private residential   ...Read more.

New Report Outlines the Unique Social Needs of Liverpool

woman, man and young child crossing the street

13 Jun 2018
To coincide with the official opening of Western Sydney University’s latest high-rise campus in the Liverpool CBD – University researchers have released a compelling report,   ...Read more.

Opinion: Growing Cities face Challenges of Keeping the Masses Moving Up, Down and Across

woman, man and young child crossing the street

13 Jun 2018
Cities worldwide face the problems and possibilities of “volume”: the stacking and moving of people and things within booming central business districts. We see this   ...Read more.

New Report on Waves of People in Parramatta

02 May 2018
Parramatta has a unique identity as a gathering place for many different cultures. It is the place where Aboriginal peoples lived through periods of intense   ...Read more.

ICS's Katherine Gibson Awarded Highest Achievement in Geography

26 Apr 2018
The Institute for Culture and Society congratulates its member Professor Katherine Gibson who has been awarded with the highest level of achievement in the field   ...Read more.

Why You Should Talk to Your Children About Cambridge Analytica

26 Apr 2018
Former Cambridge Analytica employee Christopher Wylie blew the whistle last month (opens in a new window). He revealed the data analytics agency harvested Facebook data   ...Read more.

Opinion: Materials That Make heat Worse For Our Kids Demand a Rethink by Designers

Thumbnail image of a swing in a playground

17 Apr 2018
It is with some relief that Australians are leaving behind the excruciatingly hot days of summer. But did you ever stop to think about the   ...Read more.

Western Sydney University Researchers Partner with the ABC on a Class and Cultural Tastes Feature

Small graphic of a waiter and a teacher

13 Apr 2018
Research led by the Institute for Culture and Society at Western Sydney University features in an ABC podcast series on class and interactive digital article   ...Read more.

Experts Wade Into World Water Day Discussions

Thumbnail image of ripples in water

22 Mar 2018
The Institute for Culture and Society's Professor Gay Hawkins and Dr Jessica Weir join other Western Sydney University experts to share their views on World   ...Read more.

Waste Management: The Issue Is Much Bigger Than Litterbugs

Thumbnail image of mountain within plastic water bottle

02 Mar 2018
Ahead of Clean Up Australia Day, a Western Sydney University expert says it’s important to remember that littering is not an individual problem – responsibility   ...Read more.

Institute for Culture and Society Hosts Australian Screen Industries Roundtable

Thumbnail image of people sitting around a table

22 Feb 2018
On 8 February, the Institute for Culture and Society, with the School of Business and the University of South Australia’s School of Creative Industries, hosted   ...Read more.

CatalystWest forum to shape Western Sydney’s future

Thumbnail image of red Catalyst West graphic

31 Jan 2018
ICS researchers Professor James Arvanitakis, Dr Louise Crabtree, Professor Paul James, Professor Donald McNeill and Associate Professor Amanda Third will be among the speakers at   ...Read more.