Cost of Sport Participation in NSW Study Survey

Western Sydney University researchers, Dr Michelle Cull, and our very own Dr Keith Parry, are conducting a study to better understand the various elements which influence participation in organised sport.

As part of this study, researchers will investigate factors which inhibit or facilitate sport participation. For the purpose of this study, sport is defined as organised physical activity, including both training and competition.

Participation in this study will involve taking part in an online survey (opens in a new window) to answer questions related to playing sport. The survey is anonymous and no personal data will be captured.

The results of this study will be used to inform the sporting community, government and wider community of the cost of sport participation that may facilitate policy and economic decisions leading to greater sport participation in New South Wales.

This study has been approved by Western Sydney University’s Human Research Ethics Committee (approval number H12371).

5 June, 2018.