Institute to Co-host Digital Cultures Conference

From 19-22 September, the Institute for Culture and Society will co-host the Digital Cultures: Knowledge/Culture/Technology conference with the Centre for Digital Cultures (CDC), Leuphana University of L√ľneburg, Germany.

The conference will bring together participants from more than 100 institutions and 30 countries to look at the ways that digital media technologies transform contemporary culture, society and economy.

The conference is part of the Institute's Knowledge/Culture series of international conferences and features presentations from ICS members and PhD students including:

  • Helen Barcham: 'Know Thyself Through Numb3rs: Data Regimes, Gender Politics and Economies of Vulnerability'
  • Tsvetelina Hristova: The Politics of Mediation: Subjectivity, Value and Power in the Digital Grid of Aadhaar
  • Professor Paul James: Digital Media and the Abstraction of Knowledge … and of Social Life in General
  • Dr Liam Magee: Convolutions of Capital: Share Trading Technologies from the Ticker Tape to the Neural Network
  • Luke Munn: presentation in The Self In-formation: Structured Selves and Algorithmic Bodies panel.
  • Professor Brett Neilson: presentation in the closing panel
  • Dr Teresa Swist: Health Imaginaries: Learning with Maladies, Remedies, and Commodities.

Posted 19 September 2018.