ICS's Katherine Gibson Awarded Highest Achievement in Geography

The Institute for Culture and Society congratulates its member Professor Katherine Gibson who has been awarded with the highest level of achievement in the field of Geography by the American Association of Geographers (AAG).

The award, the AAG Distinguished Scholarship Honors, was presented to Professor Gibson on 14 April 2018 at the annual American Association of Geographers conference held in New Orleans, United States of America.

Professor Gibson has been recognised for her lifetime achievements and accomplishments in the field of Geography, acknowledging her tremendous contributions to economic geography and extraordinary scholarship aimed at creating a better future by emphasizing the human potential to restructure and to rethink what economies are.

Together with the late Dr Julie Graham, Professor Gibson has sought no less than to challenge traditional understandings of Marxian geography. By drawing on feminist and poststructuralist theory and practice, they have provided an alternative interpretation of both the nature of existing capitalist economic activity, and perhaps more importantly, provided a different conception of ‘what is to be done'.

Professor Paul James, Director of the Institute of Culture and Society commended Professor Gibson’s prestigious global honours:

‘Katherine Gibson has long been recognised for her work on the intersection of feminism and capitalism. She is a global figure. Her writings have received rave reviews for their radical re-assessment of the economic possibilities of reproducing co-operative social life’.

‘This award comes from the premier academic association of geographers in the world, and honours a life of scholarly achievement. We are proud to work closely with Professor Gibson in the Institute for Culture and Society,' he said.

26 April 2018.