Catch up Online - ACIAC Chinese Australian History Seminar Series 1 (Lecture 1): Before There Was Gold

Speaker: Dr Michael Williams

Following up on his overview of Chinese Australian history – Mirroring the Past (opens in a new window)– Dr Michael Williams continues with a series of lectures taking us through the history of Chinese Australia in greater detail. The first of these – Before there was gold – covers the pre-gold rush period and examines Australian and Chinese connections before the European invasion and the elements of discovery, trade and labour that foreshadowed much of the ensuing history. A ‘reflective history’, Michael discusses not only what happened but also how perspectives of the past are constantly evolving and reflecting our modern concerns and prejudices.

Before There Was Gold (pre-1788 to 1818)

From Convicts to Gold (1818 to 1851)

Seminar Series

* Background: Mirroring the Past      [Watch Online (opens in a new window)]

* Before there was gold                pre-1788 to 1851

* From gold to artisans                        1851 to 1881

* Merchants and the Qing                    1881 to 1911

* A white Australia tested                     1911 to 1936

* Wars and Revolutions                        1936 to 1972

* One (multicultural) Nation                  1972 to 2020