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This Special Edition features Dr Stephen FitzGerald AO, the first Australia’s Ambassador to China, in commemorating the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Australia and China. Dr FitzGerald will share his many incredible and insightful stories from his decades of historical knowledge and lived experiences of China, Chinese culture, Chinese society and Chinese people.
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Episode Four features Kevin Hobgood-Brown AM, one of a small group of international lawyers to work in Beijing in the early 1980s. In this Episode, Kevin will reflect on his years teaching at Peking University, on observing China’s reforms evolve over 39 years and on his abandoned dream to have tried every Sichuan restaurant in Beijing.
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Episode Three features one of the foremost experts on China and East Asia, award-winning journalist and bestselling author Richard McGregor. In this conversation, Richard shares his stories on his fascination over China and Asia, and his many insights into Chinese society and the Party.
The second episode features the highly successful and celebrated TV and radio presenter, journalist, author and educator, Tracey Holmes. Tracey’s life and work experiences in Hong Kong and mainland China, and her many stories about the Chinese society, culture, language, people, street food and the broadcasting system provides many insights in the China of the last two decades.
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The inaugural conversation of My China Story features renowned Sinologist, author, essayist, cultural commentator, and Chinese film and literature translator, Linda Jaivin. Linda’s many amazing stories about her experiences and times in China sheds invaluable insights on multifaceted China.
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