Catch up Online - ACIAC Chinese Australian History Seminar Series 1 (Lecture 5): Wars & Revolutions (1936 to 1972)

This is a period of great transition, some rapid, as the Japanese Empire is destroyed and China establishes a new government, and some slow, as Australia gradually, almost agonizingly, sheds its White Australia policy. Changes in class, gender, language, and identity take place as the White Australia policy survivors are joined by a new generation of Australian born Chinese and of Chinese people from outside China. In the process Chinese who drink beer and attend BBQs are granted citizenship, while refugees are disguised as cafe waiters. Chinese Australians begin to be recognised as Australians, while Australia itself recognises China. By the end of the period the stage is set for further transformations in both China, as the Cultural Revolution runs its course, and in Australia as multiculturalism begins.

Seminar Series

* Background: Mirroring the Past   [Watch Online (opens in a new window)]

* Before there was gold   pre-1788 to 1851  [Watch Online (opens in a new window)]

* From gold to artisans   1851 to 1881 [Watch Online (opens in a new window)]

* Merchants and the Qing   1881 to 1911 [Watch Online (opens in a new window)]

* A white Australia tested   1911 to 1936 [Watch Online (opens in a new window) ]

* Wars and Revolutions                        1936 to 1972

* One (multicultural) Nation                  1972 to 2020