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In this talk Dr Tony Ren, an expert in digital publishing, shares his research on webnovels and explore the emergent trends of online creative writing, social reading and digital publishing. Dr Ren will present some big data research findings, drawing on over 4,000 webnovel titles translated from Chinese to English and their reading metrics.
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Dr Geoff Raby AO who initiated the Australian Writers Week in China while he was Ambassador to China from 2007 to 2011, will discuss with Professor Jocelyn Chey, the first Australian Cultural Counsellor in China, the thinking behind the Writers Week, how it was negotiated and organised, what long-lasting results have followed, as well as the way forward in the present climate of political tension and global pandemic.
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Professor Walker’s two books argue that the response to Asia has played a central role in the formation of the Australian nation. Together with Professor FitzGerald, Professor Walker will unwrap some of the questions around these arguments.
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The first Australian Cultural Counsellor in China after the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1972, Professor Jocelyn Chey, in conversation with one of the earliest China specialists, advisor to Whitlam and Australia’s first ambassador to PR China, Professor Stephen FitzGerald.
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In ACIAC's inaugural Annual Address, its Adjunct Professor Carrillo Gantner AC spoke about the history of Australia-China relations and shared his experience in the cultural exchange between Australia and China.
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Video recording of ACIAC seminar “Cultural Diplomacy and Australia-China Relations”. Three distinguished speakers including Professor Ien Ang, Professor Jocelyn Chey and Professor Nicholas Jose, were invited to share their views on the topic.
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Video recording of ACIAC Public Forum "Face to Face with China: Retrospect and Prospect for Cultural Exchange".
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Video Recording of ACIAC Multimedia event "Poetic Energies Across Sonic Space 2017".
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