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This panel features Susan McClary, one of Taruskin's key interlocutors in music studies, in conversation with Gavin Lee, in which we discuss Taruskin's legacy and his significance for Chinese scholarship, examining which aspects of his work has increasing or fading relevance for music studies both in the West and beyond.
Taruskin in China (1170 x 500 px)
With assistance from the Western Sydney Creative Collaborative Fund, this project seeks to research and uncover the ‘hidden gems’ of this region and develop new points of connection between music, comedy and movement through the art of storytelling.
Story-telling IAC EVENT PAGE (1170 × 500px) a
There is much to be discovered through the study of diverse musical genres from Aboriginal songlines and Gaelic singing, to Qing Dynasty chant and Alaskan hip hop.
Music in Society
Chinese Music Appreciation aims to uncover some of the mysteries and little known facts surrounding Chinese music through a programme of short guest lecture demonstrations. Part conversation and part performance, this series features diverse and internationally acclaimed musicians, each with their own unique style and experiences.
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Nan Tien Temple and Buddha’s Light International Association (BLIA) Sydney, in collaboration with the Institute for Australian and Chinese Arts and Culture (IAC), are proud to present a celebratory children’s concert featuring some of the finest young artists from Sydney and NSW.
Buddha's Birthday Multicultural Childrens Concert
The Institute for Australian and Chinese Arts and Culture (IAC) is proud to contribute to the growing Australian interest in Chinese music. At the invitation of eminent artist Louise Johnson (Principal Harp, Sydney Symphony Orchestra, 1985-2019), Dr Nicholas Ng has curated a program of compositions from the much loved sizhu (silk and bamboo) repertory, which brings into the limelight some of Australia's most prominent Chinese musicians across several generations and from diverse backgrounds.
Echoes of Silk and Bamboo POSTER
The Best Dumplings in Melbourne an 11-minute comedy-adventure short film written and directed by Brendan Wan, produced by Felicia Jong, cinematography by Matt Wood and composition by IAC Research Fellow Dr Nicholas Ng.
The Best Dumplings in Melbourne
The Institute for Australian and Chinese Arts and Culture has partnered for the very first time with the Chinese Garden of Friendship in Darling Harbour to present an exciting program of music in celebration of the Lunar New Year of the Tiger.
Chinese Gardens of Friendship
This project, initiated by Burwood Council, brings together 9 of the finest performers from the Open Academy Rising Stars program at Sydney Conservatorium.
Burwood Beat: Rising Stars
During the Spring lockdown of 2021, IAC Research Fellow Dr Nicholas Ng curated and performed in two projects, namely "Bird Calendar" and "Stumbling Upon a Brick Chimney Shaft", combining music with the written word.
Musicians and poets in collaboration

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Musical Connections Amid the Global Pandemic - Series 2: Music for Meditation

With the continuation of the global pandemic and its severe repercussions, it is of utmost importance for us to attend to our mental and physical health while in extended lockdown. The health benefits of music and meditation alike are generally well accepted in traditional and contemporary societies across the world. In this second response to the global pandemic, IAC Research Fellow Dr Nicholas Ng has curated a collection of original music written by himself in collaboration with various musicians to help relax the mind and create feelings of peace and calm.