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IAC is excited to announce that this episode of "My China Story" will feature the established China Studies scholar Professor David S G Goodman, Director of the China Studies Centre, University of Sydney. The attraction of China to Professor Goodman has long been its diversity and localism and they are at the centre of Professor Goodman’s presentation, reflected photographically, a unique way of recounting his lived experiences and stories about China.
David Goodman MCS
IAC is excited to launch our 2023 new lecture series called "Art Talks". "Art Talks" aims to explore and to present traditions and forms of Chinese art and the influence of Chinese art on various new or renewed forms and styles of art in Australia, mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and around Asia Pacific. The series will reflect many different viewpoints and cover a wide range of expertise.
art talks
With assistance from the Western Sydney Creative Collaborative Fund, this project seeks to research and uncover the ‘hidden gems’ of this region and develop new points of connection between music, comedy and movement through the art of storytelling.
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This public-facing symposium is a celebration and critique of queer Sinophone musical history and culture. We feature music and drag performances alongside presentations on queer Sinophone expression in varied musical genres from contemporary concert music to Cantopop and Chinese opera adaptations staged in Malay and English, as well as in studies of the voice in audio literary adaptation, paying heed to glocalization and political context.
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