Our Vision

The Institute will enable the development of richer arts and cultural knowledge and deeper connections through an open, intellectual and dynamic engagement with centuries-old and emerging Chinese arts and culture in an Australian context.

Our Mission

To develop and deliver distinctive, innovative, and impactful programs in arts and culture that promote knowledge, showcase the power of creativity and enhance cross-cultural understanding in the following key areas of focus.

Key Focus Areas:

  • Promoting arts and cultivating art creations through the production of innovative and impactful art exhibitions at the IAC art gallery that showcase local, national and international artists, as well as through collaborative shows with community art centres and local organisations.
  • Developing and disseminating research-based culture and arts knowledge through public lectures and collaborative research.
  • Expanding multicultural community engagement through inclusive arts and culture programs, story-telling opportunities and strengthening partnerships.
  • Furthering international collaborations in arts and cultural exchanges through the organisation of forums, conferences, visits and literature translation projects.
  • Building up an online/digital resource centre.
  • Contributing to WSU higher degree research programs through supervising PhD and Master degree candidates and international visiting scholars’ research
  • Publications of books and articles relevant to IAC objectives.