Storytelling Through Music, Comedy and Movement

Story-telling IAC EVENT PAGE (1170 × 500px) b Storytelling is a respected and time-honoured artform. From Aboriginal narrative dance to Mongolian long song, tales of ancient beings and primordial ancestors have fuelled the human imagination for centuries. With the complex diversity of multicultural Australia and a burgeoning interest in multiplatform arts, we propose that storytelling may continue to be a fecund area of great creative potential, particularly through the eyes of ‘ordinary’ people located in Sydney’s West. Led by key artists Dr Nicholas Ng (IAC Research Fellow, composer, performer), Jennifer Wong (writer, comedian) and Raghav Handa (choreographer, dancer), this project seeks to research and uncover the ‘hidden gems’ of the Western Sydney region and develop new points of connection between music, comedy and movement through the art of storytelling.

With the assistance of the Western Sydney Creative Collaborate Fund, Nicholas, Jennifer and Raghav will share their craft with members and friends of the WSU student community in a series of workshops on music, comedy and movement. Participants may attend workshops in more than one discipline and are encouraged to share their own creative works at the conclusion of the workshop period.

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The music of Dr Nicholas Ng is appreciated by international and local audiences for its intercultural and narrative qualities. His workshop offers a fresh look at creativity by examining diverse approaches to composition and improvisation. You will explore internal and external aspects of creativity with the notion that sound begins and resonates in one's own consciousness, body and breath. Create a short piece of music or sound design that conveys a mood, memory or aspiration for the future—your personal sonic story!Join writer and comedian Jennifer Wong (ABC's "Chopsticks or Fork"?) for three sessions on how to craft your first few minutes of stand-up comedy or tell a personal story. You'll learn the basics of writing funny, how to hone your observation skills, and how to deliver your writing with impact. There will be a performance opportunity at the end of the three sessions. No experience required—just a willingness to be curious and open with the process. Come and play!Raghav Handa is trained in modern and Indigenous contemporary dance and draws on the principles of Indian Kathak to create multifaceted, engaging explorations of modern Australian identity. Learn to move with Raghav in a way that challenges cultural and contemporary norms while negotiating the complexities that surround traditional hierarchies. He will show you how to take risks to allow your audiences to come to their own conclusions rather than imposing your own. Let yourselves go and don't be afraid to play with fire!

People from all cultures and levels of musical, comedic and movement experience are welcome

Music, comedy and movement Workshops & Showcase


  • Music: Monday 17 to Wednesday 19  April, 10 am to 11.30 am
  • Comedy: Monday 17 to Wednesday 19  April, 12 pm to 1.30 pm
  • Movement: Monday 17 to Wednesday 19  April, 2 pm to 3.30 pm


RSVP: Monday 3 April, 11.59 pm | or enrol today (even during the time of the workshop)

CONTACT: Dr Nicholas Ng | 0411 318 696 |

* sign up for one or all three (admission is free) | maximum of 12 participants per group

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Participation in this program is free with thanks to the Western Sydney Creative (WSC) Collaborate Fund