IAC is honoured and privileged to present William Yang’s solo exhibition “Claiming Heritage”. William Yang is one of Australia’s most celebrated photographers and internationally renowned performance artists. His five decades of extraordinary works make him an iconic chronicler of our time. In the mid-eighties, William Yang began to explore his Chinese heritage which had hitherto been lost to him by his complete assimilation into the Australian way of life. His photographic themes expanded to include landscapes and the Chinese in Australia. William states, “Now I call myself mainly Australian, and claim my Chinese heritage as part of my identity. This exhibition is about my journey to make that claim.”
In 2022, IAC hosted three solo exhibitions featuring award winning Chinese Australian artist Wang Lan, multimedia artist Tianli Zu and Archibald Prize finalist Dapeng Liu; one group exhibition curated by the Australian art legend Guan Wei, featuring five highly talented young artists; one online exhibition for the overwhelming well received exhibition by Zhao Dalu whose solo exhibition at IAC was cut short due to lockdown in greater Sydney. IAC was also engaged by Willoughby City Council and produced an exhibition at the Incinerator Art Space of Willoughby as part of the Chatswood Year of the Tiger Festival.
exhibitions 2022
In 2021, IAC hosted “Zhao Dalu Exhibition: The Lives 众生” featuring one of the most critically acclaimed Chinese Australian artists, Zhao Dalu, and “Yang Xifa Exhibition: Universe in Coins 《幣 "見" 乾 坤》” featuring a well-established Chinese Australia artist Dr Yang Xifa. IAC also collaborated Willoughby City Council and produced an exhibition named “Precious Treasures” in celebrating 2021 Lunar New Year.
exhibitions 2021
In 2020, IAC launched four audio and visual exhibitions during the Covid lockdown period. “Wild Hearts & Warm Spirits” is a curated collection of student photography under School of Humanities and Communication Arts' outbound global mobility study program. The artist Zhou Xiaoping’s solo exhibition “Zhou Xiaoping: Spiritual Bonding between Land and People” reflects the connection between people, land and spirit drawing on the artist’s personal experiences in collaborating with Aboriginal artists. “Coronavirus in Children’s Eyes” showcases 20 top artworks selected from a competition launched for artworks by school children in the theme of the global pandemic. Emerging Chinese Australian artist Heli Yang’s solo exhibition “Heli Yang Exhibition: A New Life” tells the stories of three generations in a migrant family.
exhibitions 2020
In 2019, IAC hosted four exhibitions: “Guan Wei: Essence, Energy, Spirit” featuring three distinct series of work from the personal collection of well-known Chinese Australian artist Guan Wei’; “Chasing the Mountain Light” showing different mountains through the camera lens of Yan Zhang who is the Professor of Artificial Intelligence in the School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics at Western Sydney University; “Adam Chang's Pandas and Treasures” featuring a collection of seven paintings by award-wining Chinese Australian artist Adam Chang; “As We Journey Through Life” showing artist Bingbing Chen’s journey of fragility, hope and optimism.
exhibitions 2019
In 2019, IAC hosted two group exhibitions and two solo exhibitions. “The ‘Yunnan School’ of Artists” featuring a group of six recognized Yunnan artists gives an opportunity to understand the development of an historic and contemporary aspect of art practice in China. “‘Three Perfections’: A Mid-Autumn Chinese Australian Artists’ Exhibition” brings together eighteen artworks of five artists who represent almost five different generations in the Chinese Australian community. A solo exhibition by renowned Chinese Australian painter Jiawei Shen showing the collection of eight Archibald portrait paintings. An exhibition of ceramic sculptures by Chinese-Indonesian Australian artisit Jayanto Damanik Tan (Tan Seng Lee).
exhibitions 2018
Between 2016 and 2017, IAC hosted three photographic exhibitions “Everyday Dignity 活着|尊严”, “Meticulous Detail, Gongbi 工笔” and “Between the Village and the Metropolis” delivering a unique photographic experience of China. “Warakurna: All the Stories Got into our Minds and Eyes” is a travelling exhibition of the National Museum of Australia featuring contemporary paintings from the Western Desert community of Warakurna. Western Sydney based artist Shen Wednesday takes Lao Tzu's Dao De Jing's philosophy in her exhibition “Invisible but Visible” at IAC.
exhibitions 2016-2017
Enjoy a virtual tour of the exhibitions hosted at ACIAC Gallery.
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