This exciting new exhibition features Ning Chen, Pamela See and Nelson Nghe, three distinctive Asian Australian artists of different styles, working in different mediums. What connects them is that they all draw on their cultural history and heritage in pursuit of their social, cultural and artistic identities as a migrant Australian and first-generation Australians of migrant parents. Their lived experiences have enabled them to develop their individual voices and styles, whilst exploring the interconnected aspects of the world we live in.
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IAC is planning an online exhibition of “Hidden Treasures: private collection of Chinese contemporary art online exhibition”. We are seeking expressions of interest. The premise of this project is to show interesting and/or unique contemporary Chinese artworks in private collections that have never been shown in public domain in our virtual exhibition on the IAC website.
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The Warren Duncan Exhibition is to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Gough Whitlam’s visit to China as the Prime Minister of Australia. The photographic works selected for the exhibition captured incredible and rare historic moments, revealing the interactions between Australians and Chinese, including state leaders, diplomats, high ranking officials and ordinary people, and reflecting how China looked to arriving Australians. These photographs humanise an exceptional time in history, making this an exhibition not to be missed.
The Institute for Australian and Chinese Arts and Culture (IAC) at Western Sydney University is proud to present this new exhibition featuring two Australian artists of Chinese heritage, Dongwang Fan and Susan Chen. Every artist has a different relationship with traditions and takes a different approach to them. Artists of migrant backgrounds are bound to take a conscious path towards their cultural heritage, which in turn has a fundamental impact on their artistic creation. The artists in this exhibition are from different generations and had different childhood experiences. But their unique and surprising reconfiguration and transformation of traditions in their artworks both contrast and connect them in their creative depiction of tradition and contemporaneity.
The Institute for Australian and Chinese Arts and Culture (IAC) at Western Sydney University is thrilled to present an extraordinary new exhibition titled "Geng Xue Solo Exhibition 2." This highly anticipated exhibition showcases the remarkable artistic talent of Geng Xue, whose innovative approach of using clay sculpture to create animation made a profound impact on the international art scene almost a decade ago.
The Institute for Australian and Chinese Arts and Culture (IAC) at Western Sydney University is honoured and thrilled to present this very special exhibition "Red Heart of Australia" from the National Museum of Australia at our art space on Parramatta South campus as the first venue of a national tour from 1 June to 28 July 2023. This exhibition includes eight paintings, created by Aboriginal artists from across central Australia and selected from the National Museum of Australia’s collection. It had its inaugural exhibition at the National Art Museum of China from 31 July to 2 December 2021.
IAC is honoured and privileged to present William Yang’s solo exhibition “Claiming Heritage”. William Yang is one of Australia’s most celebrated photographers and internationally renowned performance artists. His five decades of extraordinary works make him an iconic chronicler of our time. In the mid-eighties, William Yang began to explore his Chinese heritage which had hitherto been lost to him by his complete assimilation into the Australian way of life. His photographic themes expanded to include landscapes and the Chinese in Australia. William states, “Now I call myself mainly Australian, and claim my Chinese heritage as part of my identity. This exhibition is about my journey to make that claim.”
The exhibition reflects the creative journey of an award-winning Chinese Australian artist Wang Lan who grew up in China and later migrated to Australia. Her artistic journey is divided into three periods. The first part shows her works created in China; the second part includes the works created during 1991 to 2001, the first ten years of her moving to Australia when she was caught in the middle of juggling between two cultures; and the last part reveals her pursuit of an unified inner world of life and nature
In 2022, IAC hosted three solo exhibitions featuring award winning Chinese Australian artist Wang Lan, multimedia artist Tianli Zu and Archibald Prize finalist Dapeng Liu; one group exhibition curated by the Australian art legend Guan Wei, featuring five highly talented young artists; one online exhibition for the overwhelming well received exhibition by Zhao Dalu whose solo exhibition at IAC was cut short due to lockdown in greater Sydney. IAC was also engaged by Willoughby City Council and produced an exhibition at the Incinerator Art Space of Willoughby as part of the Chatswood Year of the Tiger Festival.
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In 2021, IAC hosted “Zhao Dalu Exhibition: The Lives 众生” featuring one of the most critically acclaimed Chinese Australian artists, Zhao Dalu, and “Yang Xifa Exhibition: Universe in Coins 《幣 "見" 乾 坤》” featuring a well-established Chinese Australia artist Dr Yang Xifa. IAC also collaborated Willoughby City Council and produced an exhibition named “Precious Treasures” in celebrating 2021 Lunar New Year.
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