Master of Art Therapy

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Art Therapy at Western

Art therapy is a form of individual, family and group psychotherapy in which participants engage in visual art processes within a therapeutic relationship with a highly trained art therapy practitioner. It will enable you be skilled in a therapeutic approach to assist people in times of emotional distress, and can be effective for clients with a wide range of psychological, social and physical problems.

Nationally and internationally, a Master of Art Therapy is the recognised qualification that entitles you to work as a professional in this field. At Western Sydney University, you will gain skills and confidence through a balance of academic and experiential learning, with extensive opportunities to practise art therapy under supervision.

The course emphasises the therapeutic and pedagogical value of fine arts practice and encourages learning through creative exploration, interpersonal communication and self-reflection. Students become familiar with the histories, theories and practices of art therapy before undergoing intensive art therapy clinical training through 750 supervised hours of field placement.

Our teaching team for the Master of Art Therapy is composed of highly trained and experienced art therapists working alongside allied clinicians, social scientists and researchers.

Course structure

Our course structure is outlined in our handbook. Here you can view all of the units (subjects) you will be studying.

Fees and delivery

Fees: $18,920

Delivery: On campus

Fees: AUD $23,120

Delivery: On campus



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