School of Nursing
and Midwifery


Discipline Lead | Bronwyn Everett

Located in Australia’s fastest growing region, the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Western Sydney University offers one of Australia’s highest independently ranked nursing programs. The School has an outstanding reputation for teaching excellence, reflected in national citation awards, and its researchers are rated well above world standard in nursing research (Excellence in Research for Australia), particularly in the fields of aged care, chronic conditions and disability, mental health, and education and workforce.

Nursing at Western focuses on addressing and, where possible, overcoming and shaping generational challenges in areas of chronic disease, healthy ageing, women’s and children’s health, mental health and wellbeing, and health innovation. This is supported by world-class teaching and clinical facilities, strong links with our region, and partners, community and staff committed to equipping nursing graduates with the transdisciplinary ‘hybrid’ capabilities needed for their success in a disrupted future of work and society. Our courses are accredited under the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme.

Academics for this Discipline

  • Mr Evanthios Alexandrou, Senior Lecturer
  • Miss Maricris Algoso, Lecturer
  • Dr Albara Alomari, Lecturer
  • Mrs Kathleen Bell, Associate Lecturer
  • Dr Nicole Blay, Research Fellow
  • Ms Robyn Bowcock, Associate Lecturer
  • Dr Elaine Burns, Senior Lecturer
  • Ms Christy Cabote, Associate Lecturer
  • Professor Esther Chang
  • Professor Martin Christensen
  • Professor Hannah Dahlen
  • Professor Geoffrey Dickens
  • Dr Kathleen Dixon, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Rakime Elmir, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Gihane Endrawes, Lecturer
  • Dr Caleb Ferguson, Senior Research Fellow
  • Mrs Elizabeth Flannery, Lecturer
  • Dr Jann Foster, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Lyn Francis, Lecturer
  • Associate Professor Ajesh George
  • Dr Paul Glew, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Rebekah Grace, Director, (TeEaCH)
  • Mrs Marija Grech, Associate Lecturer
  • Mrs Rachel Gregory-Wilson, Associate Lecturer
  • Dr Laynie Hall Pullin, Lecturer
  • Mrs Debbie Hetherington, Lecturer
  • Mrs Leanne Hunt, Senior Lecturer
  • Ms Sharon Jacobs, Lecturer
  • Dr Diana Jefferies, Senior Lecturer
  • Mrs Hazel Keedle, Lecturer
  • Distinguished Professor Lynn Kemp
  • Mrs Asiye Kopan, Lecturer
  • Associate Professor Lauretta Luck
  • Ms Joan Lynch, Lecturer
  • Dr Anna Maceri
  • Mrs Anne Marks, Lecturer
  • Mrs Jane Medved-Fisher
  • Mrs Lauren-Leigh Metcalfe, Lecturer
  • Dr Suzanne Murphy, Lecturer
  • Mr Gift Mutsonziwa, Lecturer
  • Dr Daniel Nicholls, Senior Lecturer
  • Mrs Tiffany Northall, Lecturer
  • Mrs Tracy Parrish, Lecturer
  • Associate Professor Kathleen Peters
  • Ms Debra Raymond, Lecturer
  • Ms Jacqueline Rojo
  • Mrs Paula Sanchez, Lecturer
  • Professor Virginia Schmied
  • Associate Professor Athena Sheehan
  • Miss Bronwyn Smith, Lecturer
  • Professor Sheree Smith
  • Ms Tracy Stanbrook, Associate Lecturer
  • Mrs Elisha Stein, Associate Lecturer
  • Associate Professor Virginia Stulz
  • Ms Annette Stunden, Lecturer
  • Dr Christine Taylor, Senior Lecturer
  • Ms Suza Trajkovski, Lecturer
  • Ms Spasija Volcevska, Associate Lecturer
  • Mrs Christine Walker, Lecturer
  • Associate Professor Nathan Wilson
  • Mrs Lisa Wyatt, Associate Lecturer

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