School of Health Sciences

Allied Health

Discipline Lead | Karen Liu

Western Sydney University has a comprehensive suite of allied health programs including Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Podiatric Medicine, Speech Pathology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Paramedicine, and Recreation Therapy as well as a range of other related health sciences. Our high-quality education programs ensure that our graduates contribute to their professions in a highly impactful way, and lead in solving complex health questions.

We have important collaborations with industry and community partners at regional, state and national levels, with a particularly strong commitment to Western Sydney. We also have strong international networks. Our high quality, world-standard research is relevant for people of all ages and needs, from children to older adults with various health and disability-related needs. We support Honours and Higher Degree Research students, early career researchers, and practitioners in building their research capacity through training and mentoring.

We ensure translation of research findings and knowledge into practice, policy and education, and create an impact with our education and research.

Academics for this Discipline

  • Dr John Bidewell, Lecturer
  • Rocco Cavaleri, Associate Lecturer
  • Dr Peter Clothier, Lecturer
  • Dr Genevieve Dwyer, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Carolyn Ee, Senior Research Fellow
  • Elizabeth Flannery, Lecturer
  • Bronwyn Gill, Lecturer
  • Dr Amitabh Gupta, Lecturer
  • Dr Laynie Hall Pullin, Lecturer
  • Dr Kathrine Hammill, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Kym Hennessy, Lecturer
  • Dr Frances Henshaw, Lecturer
  • Dr Caroline Mills, Lecturer
  • Tiffany Northall, Lecturer
  • Robin Pap, Lecturer
  • Dr Stefania Penkala, Senior Lecturer
  • Buchanan Reed, Associate Lecturer
  • Professor Jerome Sarris
  • Dr Nicole Sharp, Lecturer
  • Dr Jennifer Sonter, Lecturer
  • Daniel Thomson, Associate Lecturer
  • Nikki Tulliani, Associate Lecturer
  • Dr Shengxi Zhang, Lecturer