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Doctor Belinda Kenny

DAP - Speech Pathology,
Speech Pathology

Senior Lecturer, Speech Pathology,
Speech Pathology


Dr Belinda Kenny is a speech pathologist and clinical educator with research interests in professional ethics, work integrated learning, clinical education and neurogenic communication and swallowing issues. She completed her speech pathology degree at Cumberland College of Health Sciences in 1985, receiving the graduand Private Speech Pathologists’ Association Prize for Clinical Proficiency.Belinda then acquired professional experience in acute hospital, rehabilitation, and community settings. In 1989 Belinda was appointed to a senior professional role as a clinical educator, within a Sydney teaching hospital, planning, implementing and evaluating clinical placement experiences for speech pathology students.During the following 12 years, Belinda developed strong interests in adult learning theories and clinical education research.

Dr Kenny completed a Masters by research program at Sydney University and was awarded the Speech Pathology Australia Association Master’s Thesis Prize in 1995 for her thesis investigating speech pathology students’ self-evaluation skills. Belinda’s professional, clinical education and research interests underpinned her active contributions to undergraduate speech pathology professional preparation programs at the University of Sydney. In 2002 Belinda was appointed to an academic position in the Discipline of Speech Pathology and comprehensively reviewed and innovated learning and teaching practices in the Professional Development streams of the undergraduate and graduate entry masters speech pathology programs.

Dr Kenny completed her PhD. in 2010 as a University of Sydney, Discipline Scholar. Belinda’s doctoral research program investigated ethical dilemmas and ethical reasoning in the speech pathology profession. A shared passion for ethical practice has led to Belinda’s active involvement with Speech Pathology Australia’s Board of Ethics where her research findings inform national ethics education programs for speech pathologists.

Following completion of her doctoral research, Dr Kenny successfully applied for a post- doctorate position at the University of Sydney and managed an NHMRC funded, five year, longitudinal project investigating communication outcomes for adults with severe, traumatic brain injury. Findings from this study provided new insights into the nature and timing of communication recovery following brain injury.

From 2016- 2019, Dr Kenny was employed as a lecturer in Work Integrated Learning. University of Sydney. This role involved facilitating quality clinical education experiences by developing innovative placement models, supporting clinical educators and students on placement and conducting research into best practice in clinical education. 

In 2019, Dr Kenny was appointed as co-convenor and Director of Academic Program for speech patholog, Western Sydney University. She was awarded an Honary Affiliate role with the University of Sydney.

Dr Kenny’s research interests include professional workplace issues, ethics, communication and swallowing disorders in adults and student learning. Belinda has provided more than 30 publications and 70 conference presentations in ethics, work integrated learning and speech pathology practice. She has supervised a number of Higher Degree Research and Honours students to completion.  With her research teams, Belinda is focussed on innovative health professional education, ethical practice and quality clinical care outcomes for people with communication and swallowing disorders..

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  • PhD University of Sydney

Professional Memberships

  • Speech Pathology Association of Australia (1985)
  • Board of Ethics Speech Pathology Australia (2011)
  • Australian and New Zealand Association for Health Professional Educators (2011)
  • International Association for Education in Ethics (2018)
  • Honorary Affiliate University of Sydney (2019)
  • Moving Ahead Centre of Research Excellence in TBI (2015)
  • Asia Pacific Education Collaboration in Speech Language Pathology (2016)


  • Clinical Education
  • Professional Ethics
  • Work integrated Learning

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • Speech Pathology
  • Speech Pathology


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