• Aug 16
    Promiscuous Provenance | Art by Anna Glynn

    This exhibition encourages a re-examination of our relationship with our colonial past; is our identity built on a strange hybrid history?

  • Aug 30
    ACIAC Exhibition: Three Perfections

    A Mid-Autumn Chinese Australian Artists’ Exhibition

  • Oct 12
    Circuit Breaker

    Circuit Breaker, a collection of artworks made by the residents of Odyssey House NSW, an adult residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation program

  • Oct 23
    Hawkesbury 3x3 Basketball Tournament

    The Hawkesbury Provost is sponsoring a Spring Semester 3x3 basketball tournament that is open to all Hawkesbury Campus students and staff.

  • Oct 23
    Research Impact Competition

    The Research Impact competition showcases an array of Western Sydney University’s Early and Mid-Career researchers from across all Schools and Institu