Social Anthropology is the study of humans and the cultures they create. The Bachelor of Anthropology, and the Anthropology major within the Bachelor of Social Science, offers students the opportunity to examine social patterns and practices across cultures, to discover similarities and differences between cultures, and to understand the processes by which humans organise and create meaning. Areas of focus include the development of anthropology as a discipline; globalisation and culture; power and politics; gender and sexuality; identity and belonging; ethnography and ethnographic methods; indigenous peoples and nation states. Specific attention is given to cultures of Australasia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific, and to cross cultural interactions, at both global and local levels. The degree seeks to equip students with multi-cultural knowledge as well as to provide a thorough grounding in research methods and ethics with utility in a variety of professional and academic contexts. Bachelor of Anthropology students will have the opportunity to further develop their anthropological knowledge and practice through a semester long field and study experience, based either overseas or in Australia.

Anthropology Courses

Course NameLocationDurationATAR
Bachelor of Cyber Security and Behaviour Parramatta 3F / 6P 79.00
Bachelor of Anthropology Penrith; Liverpool 3F / 6P 75.25; 74.00
Bachelor of Social Science (Anthropology) Penrith; Bankstown 3F / 6P 73.30; 71.85

Career opportunities for Bachelor of Anthropology graduates

The demand for graduates will increase as the world becomes more globalised.

Increasingly, graduates with expertise covered in anthropology courses are sought after in professional fields such as:

  • marketing, 
  • advertising, 
  • business and 
  • finance. 

Many of these jobs, both nationally and internationally, will come in the fields of:

  • technology, 
  • design,

  • marketing and
  • finance

"As the world's biggest companies realize that you can't design great products or services without understanding the people who might use them" (Morgan Gerard, Chief Anthropologist at Idea Couture).

ITC has also recognised the need for anthropology graduates: Google includes anthropologists among its staff, as does Intel. For a discussion of anthropology and business, see Here's Why Companies Are Desperate To Hire Anthropologists.(opens in a new window)

Anthropologists are also in demand as researchers and community development consultants for NGOs and within the government sector.

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