Doctor Sachin Chavan


Graduated PhD 2019

Thesis Title 

Responses of wheat photosynthesis and yield to elevated CO2 under heat and water stress

Research Project

Sachin ChavanFuture high CO2 world with increased heat and drought events threatens crop growth and production. Food security for the growing human population requires improved understanding of crop responses to extreme climate conditions.

My PhD project aims at combining FACE and glasshouse studies in order to develop mechanistic models that can incorporate crop leaf-to-canopy responses to stresses and their interactions with elevated CO2.

The main focus is to analyze the effects of elevated CO2 in combination with heat or water stresses on the photosynthesis and growth of field-grown (AGFACE, Horsham) and glasshouse-grown wheat lines, Scout and Yitpi. The physiological data will be used to model wheat productivity at elevated CO2 and interacting heat and water stress.

Outcomes of this research will fill a critical gap considering that currently used crop models lack a mechanistic approach based on physiology and stress effects. Project outcomes will help inform plant breeding and agronomic management strategies.


  • Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry Postgraduate Research Scholarship, University of Western Sydney (2014) for PhD project.
  • INSPIRE Fellowship awarded by Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt. of India


Patil DP, Dhotre DP, Chavan SG, Sultan A, Jain DS, Lanjekar VB, Gangawani J, Shah PS, Todkar JS, Shah S, Ranade DR, Patole MS, Shouche YS, (2012) 'Molecular analysis of gut microbiota in obesity among Indian individuals',  J. Biosci. 37 647 – 657 DOI 10.1007/s12038-012-9244-0

Ghodke AB, Chavan SG, Sonwane BV, Bharose AA, (2012) 'Isolation and in vitro identification of proteinase inhibitors from soybean seeds inhibiting helicoverpa gut proteases', Journal of Plant Interaction, DOI:10.1080/17429145.2012.668952

Experimental images

Elevated CO2 ring, Horsham

Elevated CO2 ring from AGFACE project Horsham

Gas exchange on wheat leaf, controlled environment

Gas exchange on wheat leaf in controlled environment

Gas exchange on wheat leaf in field conditions

Gas exchange on wheat leaf in field conditions


A/Professor Oula Ghannoum and Dr Remko Duursma